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Jack of all Trades?

So much silence in the Blog world! From one post each day in 2008 to one post each year in 2018. What a change it's been in a decade (been a decade already?!)

I used to love writing , once upon a time. I had all the time in the world to observe, ponder, wonder, wander & jot down my experiences. As life got busy with work and stuff , the writing gradually phased out. More than anything my work involves so much staring at the computer screen for hours that I have no strength to pour my heart out on my blog. Besides I am glad I don't because that saves a lot of the eye stress & head aches.

I tried learning the guitar for about year & like the many other hobbies I left it half-way. I had learned all the major chords (including F!) , the minor chords & some worship songs. Some time during the practice I sprained my wrist & that was that.

I also tried photography...well rookie photography of course. Soon instagram became a favorite.

And now I am back to my oldes…


I blamed myself for being careless. I started losing things & never bothered to find out where they could have gone. Actually, I did try to find out but I lost my mind in the process! I kept scratching my head, stressing my memory to remember where I kept my things. Gradually I lost many of my belongings...earrings, tops etc. When I was about travel back home I had my new suitcase ( a pretty blue colored one) packed with all my favorites - my perfect black T-shirt ( you know how it is hard to find a perfect t-shirt right?), a perfect pair of pink-grey sports shoes, a Next Jacket (the perfect one of course), a small bottle of perfume by Next that was a gift for a friend & other clothes. After reaching home, the usual unpacking of heaps of clothes collected over a year began. But little did I realize that some of the items were missing. Only 2 months later, I figured that most of belongings were gone! I had no clue who to blame! Who on earth could it be?!!

The curious case of l…

Taj Mahal

No wonder its called a wonder!
We kept looking at in awe, we walked around it & marvelled, learned its history, took endless number of pictures & kept turning back to have a glimpse even as we left. But we still couldn't get enough of it. Yes, it is that beautiful.

Now I know why...

When was the last time I wrote the stone age maybe? In the past one or two years a million or maybe zillion experiences were lost. If only I made a note of those here, I could have relived those again.

Anyway, moving on. So there was a time when I wondered why people who went abroad never returned to India. I thought how wretched a life it would be away from home in country you cannot call your own. Where population is sparse & smiles too few & far in between. Life must be so lonely without a family. And countries where it snows, how do people even survive ? For a person living in a city where cold weather can be experienced just as a blue moon, the possibility of living endless months in cold appears like a daunting task. And I said to myself ....I can never go to a different country & never want to come back.

So when I left for the UK, I said to my folks, six months. That's it. I am going to be so home sick & miss my Bombay that I am going to be back in si…

Memories from the last year...