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Jack of all Trades?

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I blamed myself for being careless. I started losing things & never bothered to find out where they could have gone. Actually, I did try to find out but I lost my mind in the process! I kept scratching my head, stressing my memory to remember where I kept my things. Gradually I lost many of my belongings...earrings, tops etc. When I was about travel back home I had my new suitcase ( a pretty blue colored one) packed with all my favorites - my perfect black T-shirt ( you know how it is hard to find a perfect t-shirt right?), a perfect pair of pink-grey sports shoes, a Next Jacket (the perfect one of course), a small bottle of perfume by Next that was a gift for a friend & other clothes. After reaching home, the usual unpacking of heaps of clothes collected over a year began. But little did I realize that some of the items were missing. Only 2 months later, I figured that most of belongings were gone! I had no clue who to blame! Who on earth could it be?!!

The curious case of l…

Taj Mahal

No wonder its called a wonder!
We kept looking at in awe, we walked around it & marvelled, learned its history, took endless number of pictures & kept turning back to have a glimpse even as we left. But we still couldn't get enough of it. Yes, it is that beautiful.

Now I know why...

When was the last time I wrote the stone age maybe? In the past one or two years a million or maybe zillion experiences were lost. If only I made a note of those here, I could have relived those again.

Anyway, moving on. So there was a time when I wondered why people who went abroad never returned to India. I thought how wretched a life it would be away from home in country you cannot call your own. Where population is sparse & smiles too few & far in between. Life must be so lonely without a family. And countries where it snows, how do people even survive ? For a person living in a city where cold weather can be experienced just as a blue moon, the possibility of living endless months in cold appears like a daunting task. And I said to myself ....I can never go to a different country & never want to come back.

So when I left for the UK, I said to my folks, six months. That's it. I am going to be so home sick & miss my Bombay that I am going to be back in si…

Memories from the last year...

Get there faster, brainy!

I have realized that it takes longer for my brain to register some things that others would understand in an instant.

Sometimes I feel my brain is like a 512mb RAM! Imagine using a computer with that RAM size in an age of 16GB RAM. It's like living in stone age.

I know, not all brains run at the same speed but that's like a snail's speed. When it comes to vain thoughts, those run as 'High Priority applications' in my brain. That could probably the reason, why it leaves my brain too exhausted to grasp things faster. That's the logical conclusion I have come to.

But there are some things my brain is sharp about. It sometimes displays symptoms of a photographic memory. I can sometimes tell you the color of the clothes that you were wearing if we meet just once and for a brief time and even if it has been long. I remember names/surnames of people who may I have heard of from friends but may never have interacted with them much. There are some pictures/scenes that…