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the same old saas-baahu saga....

I was just surfing the channels the other day and I saw this stupid serial....'kyunki...' being aired. The first thought that crossed my mind insane is this female called 'ekta kapoor'?.....I mean who makes such fu**ing bad serials??!!

She takes the viewers for a ride and thinks she's the queen of soaps! This serial which is a complete disaster, I must say, has been going on and on and on endlessly.....for 8 yrs now! And what’s the story of this saas-bahu drama?.....nothing....yes that's it 'nothing'...yet it’s still on air!I mean hats off to ekta kapoor! She can drag this serial, stretch whatever she can to do keep this serial ‘alive’. And you never know how far it'll go. You might be like 70 years old....but the ever green 'baa' will still look 20 yrs younger to you. I mean what does she do...botox or something??!!And the main protagonist tulsi and mihir would have died and been brought back to life... like 10 times till then!....apparently...they've some secret immortality pills that they simply pop.....and bang!....they are alive again!....and no matter how many time tulsi and mihir die…..baa still manages to be fit and fine! What on earth does she eat???

Another thing that I find really amusing is their….super-duper advanced, hi-tech plastic surgeries. Really, they should be giving some lessons to the surgeons. They replace the face of the person and his voice, body structure….just everything changes! Wow! Now, that’s some technology!

Their hair seems to turn grey only in some portion of their head……the other area remains as black as coal!

These guys have never perhaps heard of something called as ‘population explosion’…they go on producing kids(and one will never be able to find out who is who’s child…..most often than not it is always the case that one person is raising his brother’s child with his own wife…what is this charity or something?) One female is married off to one son and then they break up and then she is married off to her ex’s own brother! And everyone looks the same age….so you really can’t make out who is tulsi’s daughter, her sister, her sister –in- law….blah blah blah….they all look the same.

The number of times they play that shwoom swhoom shwoom…..sound (the sound they play when some shocking or surprising event occurs)will get on your nerves!….I bet you can change about 50 channels, take a nap and when you come back and switch to this serial they’ll still be playing that same sound and showing the same ‘surprised’ looks on faces!....It’s simply senseless. There is nothing surprising or shocking about this melodrama. It’s so predictable that anyone can tell when tulsi is about to be killed in a car (which by the way is running smoothly until it sees tulsi… when its system fails so badly!) accident even if she doesn’t know it herself! .One time sati-savitri turns into a sick vamp wearing red lipstick and long bindis that have their source somewhere on the top of the forehead and that perhaps leak up to the mid of the t-area of the head.

I really don’t know where they pick up these actors….even roadside actors can act better. I mean firstly send them to some acting school…..half of them don’t know how to act….and the other half simply over act!...And they get paid for this??!!....Some of them are mere statues they don’t even have a role to play!

The most interesting thing is that the story has nothing to do with the title of this stupid serial. Every second ekta kapoor serial has the same old ghisi piti story….only with different names.

But still more interesting is the fact that people still watch this serial so faithfully. How dumb?....ok sorry offence to the daadis and naanis….who have nothing else to do…but others?…really they need to get a life!.... I say ban this crap! Seriously there should be some ‘anti kyunki-virus’ or ‘anti-ekta virus ’.


Xorkes said…
Wow.. Thats awesome..
Feels like u've read my mind. Thats exactly what i feel bout that "crackpot's" serials. Cant tolerate them.. Not even d advertisements. Thankfully, no one at home watches them.. Hehehe. My sympathies to d others.. And yes temporary condolences to those who brood over d natak deaths.. Dont worry, next time they'll be alive.. Lol!.How can someone watch so much of s?&t!!
Xorkes said…
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pj said…
i know!...really feel like killing her for making such serials!....
The Lover said…
lmao!! damn funny post!!! i totally agree!! the sad thing is indian women are hooked to it.

foreign shows are so much better!!!
have u ever seen LOST?