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will they ever??

Will they ever learn to compromise?

Will they ever walk hand in hand?

Will they ever make peace?

Will their tastes ever match?

Will they ever become one?

Will they stop fighting for once?

Will they ever let me live??

Wondering what i am talking about? Well...'they' are my brain and my heart! They are like these two different people living in one person’s body. Confused?? am I. Confused, confused and forever confused! They just keep fighting each other. One saying....'Do it!'....the other yelling louder 'you fool! Don’t you dare!'...The heart is this little kid which has no reasons. It just wants what it likes, not caring if it’s good or bad. It simply wants what it wants, case closed. And the bossy brain that considers itself intelligent and experienced, always overpowers the heart. The heart, like a little kid, wanders, hurts itself and gets into trouble all the time. And when it’s broken and is comforted by the same bossy brain.

When this little heart is blinded by’s the brain that shows it the way. Yet they fight like enemies sometimes. I never understand why? They make life hell for me sometimes and then sometimes it’s they who inspire me to move on and live. They always make it difficult for me to make a choice, to pick a color, to decied what’s right what’s not, who’s good and who’s bad....They are just poles apart. When i follow my brain i know my hearts not satisfied and when i go with the latter, I know i'll regret not having heard my brain. Still they make 'ME' what i am. How do i ever understand them? just how?

But I’ve realized that somethings are just not meant to be understood or changed. So I let them be who they are. I know they drive me crazy....sometimes completely insane. But the do so, only for me. After all who am I, without them?


Sutta said…
I'm glad there's someone else who faces a similar position too. :|

On the other hand, the phase which we call as 'confusion' is nothing but THIS fight between our mind and heart."Think" about it. And I'll tell you the basic difference between both.

Mind is always practical, and heart is always true. ;)

Hope you got it!
pj said…

perfect!....those are the two words to describe the heart n the brain tat i was lookin for...but just cudnt find.


so perfect..:)

thnx sutta...(nice name...hehe)
SambY said…
so is the mystery solved yet??? or are u still confused??
pj said…
yeh koi ek din ki baat nahi hain happens all the tym in evry situation....n i don thnk the heart n mind will ever go togethr....ever.but i've learnt to deal wid it...:)