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Eight days that felt like a lifetime

As i saw the stations passing by and the narrow gray lanes disappearing into the woods, my heart broke once again.I was returning home after 8 days, yes only 8 days.Eight ordinary days perhaps for some other people but 8 days that felt like a lifetime for me.Yet they seemed too less.There were so many photographs that i clicked but the only one that flashed in front of my eyes while returning in the train back home, was that of people waving and saying goodbye.People i meet only once a year and sometimes even just once in 2-3 yrs.Yet feel so close to them once i go to this place, as if i was just here with them always.
The place i am talking about is my native place Redi.That's where my cousins live and where once my grandparents used to live.There's something in the air in this place that lures me towards it.Its perhaps coz my grandparents lived here and because this is the place where i used to spend my summer vacations as a kid and i still do.For me its the most beautiful place i've seen so far.Not only coz i belong to this place but also because its actually very beautiful!The mesmerizing beaches, the greenery, the old houses and their roof tops, the mango trees, the wells,the rivers,the red soil.......just about every thing is beautiful here!And what makes it even more beautiful is the warmth in the hearts of the people.No matter how little people have to offer, they'll never let you go empty handed.They'll either feed you with some pej(an item prepared by cooking unpolished rice in water) or give you tender coconuts or at least a mango.What amazes me is the fact that these people aren't too rich or rather are not rich at all but they are pretty satisfied and happy with their lives.Such satisfaction wouldn't even be found in the homes of the wealthiest people on earth.
Every time i go to this place i never feel like coming back.I want to sit in those green fields that stretch into the distance and hear the twittering birds.And if you sit quiet and listen properly,you can even hear the waves of the sea splashing over the rocks.There so much of peace here you can even hear the swishing sound of the wind at times.
I can walk a million miles under the sun here because it never leaves me exhausted,it only leaves me wanting to walk more.

It was the first time in years that my entire family went there together.For those eight days i forgot every trouble i had and left behind every little thing that bugged me.I did not miss home even once!And not just me but all of us had a ball.We went places,we went to old forts,to the fields,beaches,ate loads and loads of mangoes, we talked and we laughed like crazy.There was no whining and cribbing about the daily chores, about everyday stress....just nothing of that.

And there was one single person who kept us entertained all the while.We had a laugh riot thanks to her!Her her silly little poems and her crazy kiddish dances and acts had all of us rolling with laughter all the time.She's my 3 yr old cousin Aryaa.She's one hell of a kid!A complete prankster!....

so here are some of the snaps i managed to take...
That's her.....(missing her like hell)

the moon on one side.....and the sun setting on the other side at the same time
the coconut trees
a little black bird

even more coconut trees

myangoes!!.......yet to ripe....
(the last of the hapoos(alphonsoes) that we brought is in my stomach!it was delicious!...slurp!!)

some random wild flowers...

love the beaches...i wud have sit here for hours on end,if only i had all the time in the world!

aah! the water touching my feet.....when it flows away,it takes away all the stress and all the worries and makes the heart feel lighter...

Awesome view,just love it!
one can hardly spot the boundary that separates the sky and the ocean!

the orange skies...

the moon rising over the salt pan....

mimosa(touch-me-not plant)

eating ice-cream....well actually licking it!!

A creamy mustache!

That's kokum...(dont know wat its english name)

And the cashews....

just a random tree...

And images of the last day....

Dont know what flower it is, it was just some beautiful plant in the backyard

looking at the salt pans for one last time before i come back to this place....(god knows when)

The roads i would always want to come back to....


Anonymous said…
Ahh i thought u were away on ur industrial trip...anyways..nice fotos..u made up for those 8 dyas u were away..with this nice post...cheerio..!!!
Aditi ''Jiggs'' said…

looks like u had a good time
mangoes ''yum yum''

nice pics

pj said…
no yaar...tats in june,waitin for it eagerly..


ya had a gr8 time!!...