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I am in love!!

I guess it happening all over again!.....Been on my knees and crying for quite a few days. It felt there was no love left in this pathetic world. Life felt so low.It felt like someone sucked all the happiness out of my life.And all I was filled with was, vacuum.

I almost believed that everything was over.I was breathing and i was alive.But i was only existing and not 'living'. But then life kicked me in the butt and said 'move on asshole!The world around you is still the same....if some thing's out of place then its you!pick up the pieces and just get going!'...

When i looked around these words sounded so true to me. The world was exactly the way it should be....perhaps it was time for me to change my perspective. A new feeling filled me-the feeling of love .I've been dancing crazily all around my house(when no one's around).I have been smiling for no reason at all.I've started hogging like a pig again! I've been cracking my pj's like old times and have been laughing at them all by myself,when people fail to understand!I keep forgetting things i am told to do.Hours spent staring out of the window,admiring the world around me.

I get a rush when i think about my life, it feels as if its starting anew.An optimism fills me today. I dont know where all this coming from, all i know is that i am happy having it. I’ve stopped bothering about the world.My heart feels so much lighter as if it'll just fly off into the air almost like a bird set free to fly. I get goose bumps when i feel the breeze on my skin. The twittering of the birds drowns the sound of all the noise that hauted my ears for days.

I've been listening to love songs, songs of peace, songs that give me a high. It feels like a new way is unfolding itself. Today, a hope of a different sort motivates me to live. The heart beats faster, as this feeling excites me .It feels as if the slate has been wiped clean to be written on with new words that define a new beginning. It feels beautiful again.As if the angels in heaven are showering blessings on me. I guess i am in love!

Yes, i know i am in love.....with my life!....And all i pray to god is to let me be in love forever.I dont want to be deprived of this feeling again, that i've found after a long time now.Let me be in love God,let me be in love with!

I've played this song like a hundred times since i got it from my friend M yesterday.I just want to keep listening to it all the time and never stop!It sort of describes my state of mind right now!


Nirmal's Blog said…
happy that u got ur valentine.....lols..
pj said…
yeah..hehe...i m happy too ;)...lolz!
Piggy Little said…
thanks for stopping by and ur comments :)
pj said…
@piggy little
u r welcum:)
gunj said…
i am sooo happy to read all that!
n v proud of u too!
way to go girl
god bless ya:)
pj said…
thanx yaar....means so much...:):):)
Anonymous said…
Hmm... thts goody goody news.. :-) stay happy always ...!!!
pj said…
yeah.....i will always try to....dnt knw abt the rest....:)
Sutta said…
Sahi hai boss!
Now try sustaining this love for as long as possible.
pj said…
yeah so far so good...lets c how far this goes now...:)