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prison break

So i've been too sad these days.....reason- exam pressure and some other reasons too.But i guess i am just spreading too much negativity through my posts.
But today i am relieved, i am just fine and moved on.Finally i got out of my house today,phew!...went out with my friends had burgers and gola....i had a blast.My friends are my life line.If it werent for them i would have been sad all over again today.

Looking forward to more such days,coz i just want to break this habit. Break the prison walls(of my home).No one put me behind these bars, it was just a self imposed punishment.
But i am so happy that i've (sort of) broken my internet addiction...not exactly but thoda bahot....I am back to sane ways of living life.yuhooo!...

ok that wasnt even a post....thought i had to break the chain of negative posts....
no more emo posts...hopefully..:)


gunj said…
awwww, dat was nice to knw all that actually!!
n u knw what...ab jab tune gola ki yaad dila hi di im thinking i shud also move my lazy ass n get going :D
pj said…
ya? hehe....u bttr get going the.. its a really hot summer!
btw y do ppl like golas so much?i find them ok ok....but they are a gud way to beat the heat though..