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rising from the ashes....

There were moments of insanity
there were moments of frustration
there were paths that were painful
there were points of no return.

I've been on one way lanes
where i couldn't turn around
i've stood on edges of cliffs
where there were valleys deep down.

I've walked on barren lands
trying to find the horizon
when i looked around for water
all i found was.... poison.

I've slept underneath the stars
and i've also borne the rain
i've withstood the scorching heat
In return i got more pain.

There were times i thought
in an ocean i would drown
But He dragged me to the shore,
turned to smiles, my frown.

He revived me
when i stopped breathing
He consoled me
when i cried.
when fears lead my way,
I let Him be my guide

I've been through hell and back
I've seen the darkest hour
Still i saw rays of hope
And felt His miraculous power.

Let fate have the last laugh today
let it taunt,let it mock
But one day i'll rise from the ashes
and stand solid as a rock!


gunj said…
your exams jus ended so i was expecting a happy happy post here!!

beautiful nonetheless...but give us smething a lil too happy next time :)
pj said…
ya, abhi temporarily thodi sad sad hun...isliye sad sad post...
but wil surely come up wid a happy happy post fr sure...:):)