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Her last letter....

Getting over you ,i never thought
would be so hard
but trust me...
it's worse than hell.
Writing a poem for you isnt easy either
Coz words have to be penned with blood.
But it doesnt hurt me
'coz i am numb
and i am cold
as good as a dead soul.

THe day you walked out
I was half dead.
And now that you are'nt around anymore
I've stopped living.
But i dont blame you.
'coz your done with your job.
You've played your part.
Its time to go our own ways
Its time to depart.

I thought i'd live...
even without
you i'd survive.
I'd live for myself
But i realised...
that the day you left...
I lost myself.
there was no more 'me'.

I am done being hurt
I am done missing you so much,
I am done loving you so much,
I dont want to love you anymore.
Yet tears cant stop themselves
when i think of you.

I dont want to move on
coz i have nowhere else to go.
Neither do i want you back
coz you dont deserve me
and i am not worth you either.

"So why were we even together?"
is something i always won…


" Laugh it off let it go and
When you wake up it will seem
So yesterday, so yesterday
Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay!"..:D


I lost the will to live, long ago. Empty spaces bother me no more. to me they don’t seem lonesome they are my companions in my life so hollow.
People abandoned me, they left me to rot. What stayed behind was... a void in my heart. A void that craved to be filled, With eternal love that'd never depart.

But love chose to …

what love means.....

I read this article in TOI this morning and was quite touched by it.It was about Glenn McGrath and his wife and how they went through a lot of hardships when his wife suffered from cancer.
It made me think how people manage to make it through such times together and never once do they get tired of it and leave their partner in such circumstances.It is so difficult to serve those who are ill, to handle their mood swings and help them go through such tough times along with handling their own problems.It can be so frustrating for the person who's taking care of ailing person.
But then amidst all these troubles there is something that gives people the strength to hold on to their partners, their loved ones-LOVE. Yes, love helps conquer all these battles.When all is lost its love that stays back and keeps driving our lives.
When i asked my friend.."how does it feel like when in love?"....and he said.."it's the most beautiful feeling ever.It cant be described".Maybe…

The zoohoo experience....

It had been days we hadn’t been to the zoohoo beach(juhu). Three weeks since the college started, we’ve been enjoying a lot before lectures begin in full swing. We just hang around, hog, chat, gossip, bitch about others (what else do u expect from a group of girls! out, wander a bit and go back home. It feels so great when you go to college just to have a good time with your friends without having to see the faces of the professors you hate like anything! Any way, so I, more than any one else, was desperate to go out. Firstly because I absolutely love beaches,secondly because I had missed the chance of going out with my friends for two good movies- ‘aamir’ and ‘sex and the city’..(yes, I missed sex and the city!..) And most importantly because I was trapped at home, thanks to the heavy rains in Mumbai, with nothing better to do than read ‘the fountain head’ (which I hate btw!!....but still reading to break my own record of quitting when i am half way through the book!).Me-