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I lost the will to live,

long ago.

Empty spaces bother me

no more.

to me they don’t seem lonesome

they are my companions

in my life

so hollow.

People abandoned me,

they left me to rot.

What stayed behind was...

a void in my heart.

A void that

craved to be filled,

With eternal love

that'd never depart.

But love chose to

evade me.

perhaps emptiness was always written

in my destiny.

But at least, now i have a friend

for eternity.

For I choose to live with this void

Until the day..

it swallows me.


The Lover said…
oh my gosh!! y soooo sad re? main hun na tera friend! itna sad nai hone ka re!

but i love the expression in the poem! sadly beautiful!!

The Lover
pj said…
@the lover
y?...well, the same old reasons that i cud never explain...
gunj said…
where is d happy happy pj??
pj said…
i wonder the same ,myself at times gunj, really.....but i find no answer..
Sach said…
Smile! :)
I understand something's hold a place that can never be replaced but sstill you need to learn to move on without them too. I guess there must be some reason for that.
And you ain't abandoned by any one! Samjhe?
pj said…
ya...i know...but the day i think i've moved on i realise tat i actually havent...and then sometimes wen things arent tat gr8 it feels so hopeless and empty...
Priya Joyce said…
ur post i guess u'll accept it fast.
ur name PJ ma frendz call me tat.
wat say same name.
pj said…
u pj too??...gr8!!..;)
Sach said…
I completely understand that and it so happens with me too. But then that's life. Hai na?
pj said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
pj said…
yea tats'll kick u in the ass nd pull u down, wen u start to think its beautiful...
gunj said…
u will soon baby!
dont worry!
its all ok...nothing really matters!
pj said…
thnx gunj!...:D:D
vishvsambyal said…
ham sab tere frinds hai...void me rave party kar rahe hai...cheer up pj..:)
pj said…
hehe...:D.....rave party???!!tab toh mazzze hain!..;)hehe...waaah!!...tat comment did cheer me up soldier!..:)