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The zoohoo experience....

It had been days we hadn’t been to the zoohoo beach(juhu). Three weeks since the college started, we’ve been enjoying a lot before lectures begin in full swing. We just hang around, hog, chat, gossip, bitch about others (what else do u expect from a group of girls! out, wander a bit and go back home.

It feels so great when you go to college just to have a good time with your friends without having to see the faces of the professors you hate like anything! Any way, so I, more than any one else, was desperate to go out. Firstly because I absolutely love beaches,secondly because I had missed the chance of going out with my friends for two good movies- ‘aamir’ and ‘sex and the city’..(yes, I missed sex and the city!..) And most importantly because I was trapped at home, thanks to the heavy rains in Mumbai, with nothing better to do than read ‘the fountain head’ (which I hate btw!!....but still reading to break my own record of quitting when i am half way through the book!).

Me- hey! chal na yaar we’ll go to the beach ....its stopped raining now

Shar-look who’s talking!

Me- yeah...its boring to be going home so early!

So we left for the beach. And when we reached felt so good!...The weather was awesome! It was windy and best part was the fact that there weren’t many people around. Okay don’t get ideas....we had no wrong intentions whatsoever...we are a bunch of straight people! It’s just that these beaches are full of useless assholes that are out to have a good time eve teasing and clicking snaps of girls. But thankfully, there were none of that sort today.

So while kj and V decided not to enter the water....the rest of us...the enthu bunch of people, decided to go forward and get ourselves a bit wet and get the zoohoo experience!....Thanks to the high tide the water level had risen and the waves were pretty huge. It was a beautiful scene to watch but only from a distance. As we watched the splashing waves cutting across the rocks making a loud noise we shouted out loud like crazy in exhilaration and enjoyed every bit of it.

Me- hey lets go a bit ahead. The waves are barely reaching here.

D- no way. Its too risky yaar.

And then as we stood there waiting for another big wave to touch our feet....a really huge wave come toward us.....and for a split second we didn’t understand what happened. The next thing we knew, we were drenched in salty sea water and my friend Kru was in the water . The current was so strong that it pulled her into the water.She clung to me, and all of us held her hands tight. For a moment even I felt as if I was about to be dragged into the sea. But thankfully, I along with my other friends stood there safe. We quickly moved away from the shore and wiping the dirty water from our faces and spitting out the salty water...wailed...’oh fuck man’....’crap’....’shit what was that?’.....and we were like..’chalo yaaro bas ho gaya jaate hai ghar ab!!...’...and we laughed out loud.

It was a scary thing but then in the end we all were safe and sound and that’s what mattered.

But whatever the case ,the half an hour we were at the beach, we had fun! we always do when all of us are together. One thing we couldn’t do was our famous ‘photo session’. Yeah its famous all over the college that we love clicking snaps!....just about anywhere and any damn time! Kj managed to click this one though.

Wiping our faces and cursing that one wave that spoiled the fun, we left early ,as we heard rumors about riots taking place in the city. Nevertheless, we had a good time joking and poking fun at each least it was better than attending the torturous lectures! Any thing is better than that!


gunj said…
somebody is having fun!!gud:)
Gentle Whispers said…
This is why I miss college.. For the random, spur of the moment plans..

And I love Juhu, except for the garbage that is. Playing football there on saturday mornings is one of my favourite things in the world.
Sach said…
Ahaa! SO the "to-blog or not-to-blog" phase is over??
Btw nice post! I haven't yet been to any beach so was kinda fun reading this :)
The Lover said…
its gud u had some fun...i know u missed me!! ;)
pj said…
@gunj much fun!..:D

@gentle whispers is fun!
and yes garbage is a prob..but otherwise its a gr8 place to hang out..

ya that phase is kind of over..:)
u shud go to a beach if possible...i just love goin ther...

@the lover
ya had loads of fun...
and it goes without saying that i missed you...:( big time!
Sutta said…
Arre me too was there since the past couple of days daily. Really!!
Thats one of fav place!

Par dikhi nahi tu. :P
pj said…