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Fuck all you problems! fuck you big time!!!

Untill yesterday everything was going right and everything seemed hunky-dory.And then suddenly someone just pushes you in a ditch and you are left alone and you are expected to be OKAY....what do you do?....
You blame yourself, you blame the other person, you blame god you blame everyone around you...and try finding answer to that one bloody question that always raises its ugly headtime and again in life..."WHy me???"....Then you look around and see people going though the same and feel ...'so its not just me then..'Yeah there are a lot many people asking...'why me' apart from you alone so its not just you.Everyone has their share of problems.Some choose to speak about it some dont.Doesnt mean that those who speak about their problems are grumble boxes. Its just that they need someone to hear their problems and console them coz they are a wee bit weak.I guess I am just one of those people.But life has pushed me in these ditches so many times before that i no longer fear them.

Who the hell are they to destroy me? I have grown strong enough to face all of it.Life has given me all the strength to come out of this shit and I am not going to bow down to my problems any longer.
I ain't gonna be a loser all my life!...Heck I AM NOT BORN TO BE A BLOODY LOSER!.....I am going to pick up the pieces of my life and follow my dream- a journey that began this year.Yeah along the journey i found an illusion that i lost yesterday but i also saw the rebirth of faith!A faith in myself, a faith in people around me,a faith in my life, a faith in GOD.Along this journey i found friends who comforted me.Who stood by me rock solid!They dint leave me alone.

I am not gonna fret over things.....and i am not gonna cry...coz big girls dont cry!.....I give a tiny rats ass to those who left me high and dry!...i care a fuck about people who took me for a ride! A care a fuck about those who care a fuck about me! Fuck all the fuckers in life! just fuck them!...
phew!..okay, enough of fucking!
My life is right now under on the path of success....I know i will find it.I WILL BOUNCE BACK! I will laugh off all my pain and i will succeed in the end.

And if i die along the way...... i will die as a fighter and not as a bloody loser! Coz i am not made that way.....Fuck those battles in life! I am gonna fuck them all!.....but i need to shut the fuck up now!!
(feel so relieved after all the fucking!!!)

COME WHAT MAY.....I AM NOT GONNA GIVE UP!!!.....the battle's on and i am all set to win this time!


neha said…
gud that u dont care abt the losers who left u all alone wen u needed support!..seriously such hyppocrites!i just dont understand at the end of the day how they face themselves!!

i am sure that u'll overcome all the hurdles and find the path of success..VERY SOON! of luck! =)
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry.
pj said…
i hope so..:)thank u so much....i need the luck now more than ever...i know i'll get over things...I WILL........thnx alot..
BIG Omi said…
hey strong gal,

{Dunno if I am the right person to say this, after all the so called ditches .. i call them battered actions.. which left me more refined .. :)}

it was really gr8 to know that you have finally make up your mind to face the new world ahead with all the guts out. For me this is a new definition of life:

u fight .. u loose... you recompose.. you win.. !!!

pj said…
yeah i know....tat just reminded me of a quote..'what doesn't destroy me, makes me stronger'...i guess tats wat all this is about..just a process of becomin stronger in lyf wid every problem..:)