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it's hard to forget....its harder to forgive

Drops of rain
that touched the skin,
sent a shiver through my body..
they pricked like a pin.

The breeze that blew
through my hair
felt like a storm
singing songs of despair.

Every single thing
reminds me of you
Coz you were special,
a dream come true.

Nights are scary now
mornings so blue
I dream no more
coz in them i fear, i'd see you.

You said it was fate..
that it was meant to be.
If you had to leave
why did u seek me?

Was distance that separates us
the only single reason?
Or something I should know
is still hidden?

That we'd be far away
we both always you knew..
yet you didn't mind before
and said ' love you'?

Perhaps in a sea of faces
you found a beautiful one
Me you chose, to forget..
me you chose, to shun.

I put the blame on Him
But He wasnt wrong
I put the blame on you...
but you werent wrong either..
so should I be guilty...
am I the sinner?

What was on your mind
is best known to you...
He had his own reasons
He had plans too.

I am the one left behind
The joke is on me
I made a fool outta myself
In this game we called 'destiny'.

The day you left
you made it painful to live
I thought it was hard to forget..
but its harder to forgive....


BIG Omi said…
Just wanna remind you of this:

to err is human... to forgive is divine..
Sachi said…
I totally agree to each word you wrote there.
And those who think it ain't hard, tell them to live a life that have been described here.
(no pun intended)

And yes! When he had to leave (blaming it on destiny 'nd luck) why did he ever started the thing.
BIG Omi said…
@ sachi,
I very much agree that its difficult.. thats why one who learns to forgive remains at the upper step.. i believe in climbing upwards and let the ditchers settle at the bottom..

Pun intended ;)
pj said…
i believe in the same philosophy...but sometimes its just not tat easy...
and forgive is divine...but i am just human...

thnx sachi!

Anonymous said…
it is not easy but it is possible ble na yar..or else just dnt think about it..i know thts easy to say rkya are u anyway pj?
pj said…
yes its possible...i just need time..
I m fine samby...a wee bit 'sad'...but tats toh normal...;)thnx fr ur concern....hope u r doin good too "uncle samby"!:P:D;)
Anonymous said…
Attachment - The source
Anonymous said…
I know for whom you wrote it for. Let's just say you now know why. But a great poem anyway. :)
Scribblers Inc said…
everything that you say to me takes me one step closer to the end...and I am bout to break...

Linkin Park rocks @such times...

Scribblers Inc.
pj said…
so true....thats my biggest weakness...
thnx fr stoppin by

@lover i know why....and i am glad that i know it now:D

@scribblers inc
yup linkin park rock anytime!...just love listenin to them...:):)