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The other day, while searching for a term for one of the phobias i have, i stumbled upon this site with a list of all the possible phobias that humans can have.I didnt find the term i was looking for but discovered many other phobias that i happened to be suffering here are a few...

Injections- Trypanophobia
Yup...i used to have this fear once upon a time.I remember this one time,i was abt 9 yrs old, when in, doctors clinic , i did every possible trick to try and save myself from the injection!I fought really hard...but in the end i had to give in.With the doctor's assistant and my mom holding me tightly till the doctor accomplished her mission successfully, how could i move?
Thankfully i have overcome this fear now but looking at those needles in the doctors clinic still gives me a creepy feeling inside..

Iatrophobia-The fear of going to a Doctor
I normally avoid going to a doctor....unless its really really necessary to go to one.The whole atmosphere in and around a clinic makes me nauseous.The smell of those medicines makes me sick even if am not actually ill!I hate doctors! I really do!

Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia--Flying
After having seen hundreds of those plane hijack and air crash investigation serials on discovery i really am scared of flying in a plane. I mean...who knows...there might be a terrorist sitting next to your seat?....there could be a mechanical failure in the fuselage, What if the plane collides with another one in the air??....What if the plane simply runs out of fuel?????...well, you never really know!!....
The last i remember flying was when i was a bout 5 yrs old....after that i havent been in a plane but that was mostly because i've never had the chance to do so not because of my fear.But given a chance to fly in a plane....i'd still think 10 times if i really wanna take the last time my parents asked me if i wanted to accompany them on their flight to goa i told them about this fear and they were like..'you mad o wat??!!!'...But i do love watching those ai planes but flying in a plane??... No way!

Herpetophobia--Creepy, crawly things
Yea those creepy crawly creatures are arrrgh!....I get goosebumps every time i see them in my house.Especially lizards....i cant stand them!To me, they look like miniature versions of crocodiles!..sounds crazy??...Yea call me crazy if u want to....but seriously...just have a close look at them the next time u see one of those lizards crawling on the'll know what i mean...

Glossophobia--Speaking in public
Every time i have to do this , even if it is just in front of my own classmates, my heart starts racing, i start shivering and my palms get all sweaty.I hate it.But no matter how much i try it happens to me.But in the past one year,i've succeeded in overcoming it a little bit and would hopefully be able to remove this fear completely out of my mind..

Surgical operations- Tomophobia.
Who likes to see these being performed? see the blood, the flesh and the veins and those horrible horrible surgical instruments!!...Arrggghh!!!

And well the one i was searching for was..
Relationship-phobia(That is not even a word! but lets say i've coined it ,for the time being;))
I've always had this phobia.Relationships are complicated....its as simple as that! dont you all agree?

There were a few a really found funny and also interesting.Here are those..
The fear of Urinating!!---I mean ,do they never pee or what?

Stars- Siderophobia or Astrophobia.
how can someone fear stars?.... those tiny twinkling harmless dots in the sky are so so beautiful!

666, number- Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia!!!!(phew!)
Well nothing strange about it, i just feel they should keep this term in the spelling bee!!...


Cyberphobia--Computers or working on computers
Now ,that's one fear i am never gonna have!

Mother-in-law- Pentheraphobia.
Constipation- Coprastasophobia,


There are many more,....check these out here.And do tell me, how many you have?;)


gunj said…
oh i hav trypanophobia!!
big time wala!
pj said…
ya??!! i fear needles too!...big time!
Anonymous said…
I think everyone has fear of needles being poked into them! I remember there was this time when I made such a huge fuss, that they needed like 3 nurses to hold me down while the doc pricked me.. :D

I don't think I can ever be afraid of flying.. It's one of the coolest things in the world!! IMagine if you actually fly, like a bird or something, how awesome would that be..

Ps- Blogrolled you :)
pj said…
@the trooper...
3 nurses?....hehe..almost similar to my case..just tat ther were 2 of them holdin me down..:D
fly like a bird??...i would so love it!;)..if only wishes were horses!
thnx buddy!:D
Ria said…
Gosh!i suffer from quite a few, here goes: Trypanophobia, Herpetophobia, Tomophobia hmm i guess thts it as of now. :)
Standbymind said…
This is one list of phobias man

BIG Omi said…
hey can you help me with the layout , i mean the templates..
ur templates drive me crazy
BIG Omi said…
BTW Phobia .. woh kya hota hai? is there any term for ex-girlfriend phobia????
pj said…
hmmm...gud u've just got 3 of them...;)
thnx fr stoppin by:)

@standby mind...

@big omi
sure wud be glad to help....:)
and ex grlfrnd phobia?...hmmm...will have to search fr tat one.Will let u kno if i find it...;)
D said…
I'm still thinking about the phobia you didn't find on the list!
Aditi ''Jiggs'' said…
ohh yess
i am highlyyy belenophobic still m
i faint at the site of a needle
btw nice template :D
Salil said…
Hi PJ,
I have iatrophobia and tomophobia. But my biggest problem is shopophobia.
Good thoughts.
pj said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
pj said…

yeah needles are scarrrrrrry!
thank u!:D

hehe...i read tat on ur blog:)