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Every dog has it's day!...thank God for it!

There are times in your life, when nothing seems to be going your way .Life becomes pathetic. There are times you sulk and tear your hair out , wondering what is it that you’ve done wrong. We’ve all been through it some time or the other.
As I look back at the low phase in my life, I wish it never comes back to me again. I look at all the tears , the pain, the negativity, the insanity, the confusion, the mess that I was a few months back and , a phase that lasted for over 4 yrs now, I wish I could erase it out of my memory forever. It’s hard to even think of it. Those of you, who have been reading my blog since the beginning, would know what I am talking about.Lurking in constant sorrow , trying to find happiness in my life. Everyday was a struggle to survive, to smile, to live. Depression had taken its toll and everything seemed hopeless.
There were times when there was me, NO way out. And things only kept going downhill. I thought I’d die. But a chance of luck saved me. It…


Once i listen to a song and i like it...i play it 24x7 on my mp3.I just cant stop myself!....i listen to it every morning i wake up,while brushing my teeth, before leaving for college,before i sleep, in the train, in the rickshaw, while having dinner,during the break....well almost all the time! And my friends keep yelling at me for neglecting them and being lost in my own world listening to the song.That's when i have to give my ears a little rest.
Well, of late I have been listening to the song , 'Here without you baby' by Three doors down.I love the song and the lyrics too.I had vowed to keep away from sad songs and love songs as they make me cry all the time but i couldn't help listening to this one.This is the song that i've played the most after Hoobastank's 'The reason'(which is another great song btw).
I think its a really beautiful song....

"A hundred days had made me older
since the last time that I've saw your pretty face

A thousand li…


I was tagged by Neha.I've been procrastinating to do it.Not like i dont like doing tags but i've just been lazy and busy at the same time.
I tried to make it a little interesting but couldnt:(Dont blame me if you get bored, read it at your own these were the answers that came straight from my heart.

I AM :Moody, sensitive,impulsive, emotional yet practical,shy,quiet yet loud, hopeful....actually,I am a walking contradiction

I THINK : Alot!...yep, i think and i think and i think.....till my brain gets totally choked up with thoughts and i am left totally confused!

I WANT :a Guitar!!!!....I just WANT it by hook or by crook! is someone listening???!!!

I HAVE: boozed in a classroom, with a lecture going on in the adjacent class!

I WISH :that.....i become a 7 pointer again
that.....i find the 'right' way
that people never had to leave,coz it hurts.

I HATE : making a choice between things.I always end up picking the wrong

I MISS :...i wis…

Whacko -Jacko!!!

Read this..."A pair of white briefs once belonging to pop superstar Michael Jackson are to be sold at auction.

The Calvin Klein underpants will be sold on internet site eBay with a reserve price of $1 million (£540,540).

The briefs are reportedly part of the evidence confiscated by police in 2003 as a part of jackson's child molestation trial, in which he was eventually cleared"

I mean, what the heck??I still wonder who'd want to buy them?....Buying something like a celebrity's underpants and then showing it off with pride to friends is the last thing a sane human would want to do!!
Seriously, the guy, must have done a hell lot of things with those underpants on and they must be stinking like shit!!

These celebrities would go to any extent to be in the news.First of all you molest a child, then, when you are somehow cleared of those charges for molestation, you go ahead and put those same briefs you used during 'the act' for sale!!???Who does that??

Its strange…

Faith - The only religion

Why do people hate
and murder each other?
In the name of god....
a son is robbed from his father.

Houses burnt down
families rendered homeless
Aren't we all his children?
Then why be so heartless?

If He is one, why aren't we?
Why there be this division?
Why cantFaithbe,
the only religion?

Rock on!!

Rock on!! surely rocked!
(Although i did find the movie a bit slow)
Firstly because of the music which is fantabulous!!
(I loooooove all of the songs except 'zehreele'(found it really silly) and 'sindbad')

Secondly because of Farhan akhtar!....Is he cool or what??
and lastly because we got to see the whole cast of Rock on!! in the theater.Yup! you heard it right!.....During the intermission farhan, arjun rampal,prachi desai,luke kenny and the director abhishek kapoor walked in from behind and the entire crowd was screaming in excitement.....'Yuhoo rock on rocks!!' and one female was even heard saying.."Farhan you are fuckin hot!!"....only we heard it though and farhan seemed to have missed this compliment as he and the others were busy throwing away cd's at the spectators and giving away rock on t-shirts!Unfortunately, me and my friends dint get any.If only we hadnt taken the 4th row seats instead of the 2nd row that we were getting so easily! dammit!