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Faith - The only religion

Why do people hate
and murder each other?
In the name of god....
a son is robbed from his father.

Houses burnt down
families rendered homeless
Aren't we all his children?
Then why be so heartless?

If He is one, why aren't we?
Why there be this division?
Why cant Faith be,
the only religion?


The Trooper said…
Nicely put.. I've had similar thoughts too.. To be honest, I don't believe in god.. I think WE are accountable for everything.. And when we cant handle it, we blame it on a god.. Have written a couple of articles/poems too on the topic.. Check em out if you have time!
Sach! said…
Babeh! The world needs more of you..and me too!
I am still searching for the answer..welcome to the gang...
pj said…
@the trooper
its true that we are accountable for our actions but then you cant deny the existence of god.
Just that there are a few people, who under the name of religion & god, are out to destroy others for their own interests.It wud have been so much bttr if there was no religion at all.
life would be much easier.

(yea will surely read those posts):)

u said it sach!...i am ready to do my part but i am still trying to find myself, and the day i do.....i would surely want to do my bit....and i am quite serious abt it.So well, i am in your gang!:D

Rajesh said…
Hi...dropped in from Trinaa's.

Well written...was really good....its indeed atrocious to see these incidents....especially in it the communal riots in Orissa or J&K for that matter...I do believe in God and I do beleiev in one more thing 'Everything in life happens for a reason'...lets w8 and watch..

Blogrolling U :) read mine wen u r free
gunj said…
i wish i cud answer that one for you babes!
pj said…
yea....true, everything happens for a reason....but seriously dont understand the purpose behind all these atrocities, i mean why should innocent people die for something called "religion"....that seems to be doing no good to anyone!

anyway...thnx fr the blogroll:)


i wish you cud, gunj..:(
but i guess we are all helpless as far as this matter is concerned.None of us know, why such things happen to innocent people who have done no wrong at all.
neha said…
i guess everyone is searching for the answer!..will that question be ever answered?

and u've been tagged!
Toonfactory said…
Nice Blog....Thoughtful posts...Brilliantly written....(came here via Trinaa's Blog I guess)
pj said…
dont really kno neha, i mean we've not had any answer for it for so many years...

ps: will surely do the tag:)

hey thanx fr stopping by:)
Aditi ''Jiggs'' said…
i m tryin to find the same answer
but stil havnt got it
i really dono wn ppl will stop killin in the name of religion :(

its the most saddest thing human kind does
pj said…

i know....
why cant people just follow their own beliefs and let others do the same...wouldnt that be better?
viyoma said…
Well Said Lady...When Faith becomes the only religion..the World will surely be a better place to live in...
pj said…
u said it girl!:D
thanks fr stoppin by:):)