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Every dog has it's day!...thank God for it!

There are times in your life, when nothing seems to be going your way .Life becomes pathetic. There are times you sulk and tear your hair out , wondering what is it that you’ve done wrong.

We’ve all been through it some time or the other.

As I look back at the low phase in my life, I wish it never comes back to me again. I look at all the tears , the pain, the negativity, the insanity, the confusion, the mess that I was a few months back and , a phase that lasted for over 4 yrs now, I wish I could erase it out of my memory forever. It’s hard to even think of it. Those of you, who have been reading my blog since the beginning, would know what I am talking about.

Lurking in constant sorrow , trying to find happiness in my life. Everyday was a struggle to survive, to smile, to live. Depression had taken its toll and everything seemed hopeless.

There were times when there was me, NO way out. And things only kept going downhill. I thought I’d die. But a chance of luck saved me. It was not mere luck. It was more than that.

Today, I am more hopeful, optimistic about everything in life. I believe, that when one door closes, another will open up soon.

I always took friends for granted. I loved them, no doubt. But it was now, in these past few months that I’ve come to know how much they mean to me. They made me laugh my ass out, when my eyes were swollen with tears. They lent an ear to my talks and helped me come out of all the mess. They made me forget everything that I had been through. I treasure them.

In the past four years, I had lost myself. ‘Why am I like this now? And not the way I used to before?’,is what I constantly kept asking myself. But life changes you and a change is necessary.

Today, for some reason, I feel I’ve found my self again. As if a magic spell was cast on me! No, it didn’t happen overnight. But since the past few months, things have started to get back to normal. Yeah there are those constant ups and downs. But still, life’s been kinder. Now I know , that life won’t abandon me. At least that is what I’d like to believe.

I don’t know how to express in words, how happy I feel today to be here. I never thought I’d make it through. I look at how I was, a few months back and what I am now and I feel so happy and grateful to god.

I have so much to write, but don’t know where to start from. I am so overwhelmed today. I am almost close to tears.

I don’t know where I’ll be or how things would be tomorrow. Things can get better , they may become worse, who knows? Life is so unpredictable. But I hope for a better day. All I know, is that all these experiences of the past have made me stronger.

I remember saying this to a friend who has recently been struggling with her life as well...”you know what?....they say that every dog has it's day. Although we aren’t dogs we’ll have our good days too! So cheer up.” The bad days come but the good ones follow too.

I need to thank God for giving me my life back. Happiness, which seemed a distant dream, is back in my life.

I love my life!

I love god!:)


gunj said…
may god bless u with many more happy days sweetheart:)
pj said…

thank u so much gunj:)...i cant tell u how happy i am today..really..
and i am specially grateful to my blogger buddies....u guys are really special:)
thnx again!
The Lover said…
I'm so happy for you pj! Remember, no matter what happens, He'll always be there
pj said…
@the lover
thnx adi, i know he'll b ther!:D
Avanish said…
Wow! Awesome post! Will get to the rest now.. awesome blog too, lovely choice of songs!

I'm really happy for you. Living through a struggle is one of the toughest things to do, and to come out of it and be happy, is total bliss.

The most powerful thing about a man is optimism. It's like bullet-proof glass. No matter what hits, if you know that you can take the hit, and move on strong, there's nothing that can ever come in your way.

Besides, there's nothing constant in life, except change. :)

it always nice to see that someone has moved on from their sorrows into happiness
pj said…
firstly, thank u:)
secondly, the thing u said about true, when you have a positive approach to everything, even if the results arent in your favor, you can get urself together and move on.
Its only wen u look at the brighter side of things that you'll come out of troubles.

mystique wanderer
:) thnx
its even nicer to be that someone who's moved on from sorrow to happiness!:D

Trinaa said…
jiyo mere lal! :)

hope u hv many such days in future!!
Scribblers Inc said…
happy days are here for good...rejoice...and that post is nice..simple and clearing the fog..

Scribblers Inc.
Chaggoholic.... said…
Hey u r brimmin with positivity.Love the thought and the transition.May u always stay charged up and ready for almost anythin.Tc da....
pj said…
@trinaa, @ scribblers inc, chaggoholic

thanks guys!

aqua gurl said…
omg...randomly came across your blog....and i must say....perfect background....perfect song playing...keep it up!!!
Keep living it this way only because it doesn't make sense in fretting at your last breath about the things that you missed doing your whole life.....
Live it Dil Se...

Smiles :)
The Lover said…
wow pj!! Bible verse n all!!! God bless u!!! pray for me...i need it..
pj said…
@aqua girl
thank you very much!...i love the song, its my all time favorite song! glad u liked it!:D

@pacifier returns
yea, frettin never helps.And i dont wanna lose a single moment of my life fretting over thngs, i have had enuff!....its time to smile and rock on!
pj said…
@the lover
oye, i put the bible verse long time back, tune abhi dekha!??...:P:P

and btw...wats the mattr?..u ok?
god bless.
"love is the one who masters all things."

Mawlãnã Rumi...for you...
Ria said…
Kool good to know tht u r more optimistic now. :) Be +ve and everything will fall into place. Everybody has their low phases hun!
pj said…
@ ria
yea, evry1 has their low phase but then nothing stays forever, be it the good phase or the bad one.For now i am enjoying the good phase:D

sambit said…
nice post........
pj said…
thank u sambit:)