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Rock on!!

Rock on!! surely rocked!
(Although i did find the movie a bit slow)
Firstly because of the music which is fantabulous!!
(I loooooove all of the songs except 'zehreele'(found it really silly) and 'sindbad')

Secondly because of Farhan akhtar!....Is he cool or what??
and lastly because we got to see the whole cast of Rock on!! in the theater.Yup! you heard it right!.....During the intermission farhan, arjun rampal,prachi desai,luke kenny and the director abhishek kapoor walked in from behind and the entire crowd was screaming in excitement.....'Yuhoo rock on rocks!!' and one female was even heard saying.."Farhan you are fuckin hot!!"....only we heard it though and farhan seemed to have missed this compliment as he and the others were busy throwing away cd's at the spectators and giving away rock on t-shirts!Unfortunately, me and my friends dint get any.If only we hadnt taken the 4th row seats instead of the 2nd row that we were getting so easily! dammit!
Yes, and how can i forget to mention that the crowd was up in excitement and hooting when they showed...Karz's promo(the remake...yeah the one which stars Himes!!!)

Anyway.....all of us sang...'na na na na na,(phichle saat..)' along with farhan and a girl even did a head banging bit(without music) to get a chance to meet the cast!..Some hooligans even shouted out at this...'Abbe yeh toh phoonk ki heroine lag rahi hai!'
It was real fun!
Although,the movie did not live up to the hype, i loved it.I like all movies,unless a movie really reallly sucks.It's worth watching if you like listening to rock music.The movie appeared a lil bit of an extension of dil chahta hai.I mean with Joe and Aditya separating like Aakash and Sid in DCH.And Purab kohli and Kenny trying to get them back together like Saif in dch.At times it felt,'okay now the movie will pick up pace''...but then it didnt.
But i had a great time listening to the songs of the movie.For me the best part was when...Maagik performs for the last time and farhan sings 'tum ho toh'.....i mean tat was killer! And then it got even better when Joe gets out of the cab to join Magik in the performance.Also, the 'saason ki zarrorat hai' scene is quite funny.
All in all ,it was a good movie.I enjoyed it. And mahn the black guitar rocked!!(the one sakshi gifts aditya).I'd die for a guitar like that!!seriously!

so guys go see the movie, coz it rocks!If not for anything else at least for the music!


Sach! said…
oye u din' update my link?
newaz back 2 d topic...umm movie was good! Mujhe b cast se milna hai :P
Farhan is cute..not hot to me at least :D
And I even liked purab in that...
Besides, I loved tum ho toh and pichle saat din...
The Trooper said…
Hey.. thanks for the blogroll! Reciprocated!!
pj said…
oh sorry....actually got dc while updating the blogroll today...will do it fr sure...:D
awww...hope u get to meet them too..:)but hey, here u got to meet them personally only if u cud do some head banging or do the air guitar bit...u ready fr tat?;)
Purab looks a bit silly but still hes gud and yeah farhan is cool!....and yeah a bit hot too...;) and hot?....hmm now tats a contradiction...;)

@the trooper
u r most welcome buddy:)

gunj said…
i too loved this movie :D
pj said…
ya me too!
peter said…
umm kool haan ...this kind f incident never happnd wid me ..
I liked the movie even more after watching it second time ....songs are cool but yeah pace shud hv have been a lil better .sanson ki jarurat wala was awesum ..........i mean expressions of everyone ....

arjun rampal looks lyk a greek god..purab is awesm farhan was gud and luke too worth watching


happy blogging
pj said…
actually this is the frst tym i gotto see the cast of a movie n was fun as i said bfore
nd u saw it twice? cool!

sason ki zaroorat stil gets me laffin..hehe;)

arjun rampal seriously needs some acting lessons tho....
crasiezt said…
The movie had a sort of fresh look..but it was so darn emotional man!! They could have just cut out all the senti stuff and it would have been so much more better!!

But shoot!!!! You got to see all those guys..I think I wouold totally swoon if I saw Rampal..hunk hunk hunk he is!!

Karz..LOL!! And he declared recently that he won't kiss his female co-stars on screen..Ewwww who would wanna kiss that loser eh?

The Phoonk thing was pretty funny:D
pj said…
yeah u said it ryt!the guys wer oh sooo cool!...i just absolutely loved farhan!;)

himmesh and kissing scenes?....arrrgh....he's is a big loser yaar, seriously.....i wonder y ppl take him in their movies...
have u seen his new grown hair?luks lyk he's wearing a wig!

thnx fr stoppin by:)

Scribblers Inc said…
I interviewed the cast myself when they were in Delhi...Purab seemed to be impressed with my long hair...:P
Havent been able to watch it, but it seems I have to...and they are playing a gig tommorow in Delhi, so there!!:D

Scribblers Inc.
Aditi ''Jiggs'' said…
yup the music is indeed good :D
Ria said…
hmm seriously completely agree with u!! Loved the music. And hey u missed the free merchandise :( I wish i was there.
pj said…
@scribblers inc
oh u interviewed them??!must have been gr8 meetin them then...
nd yes do watch the movie:)

yup it surely is!:D

yeah i missed it:(...neway next time perhaps..:)

D said…
Lucky you!! The funniest thing is that all of the guys in the movie are so cool despite being so over the hill! They suited their characters to a T.
pj said…
yes, they sure did....they really played their roles well....:)
neha said…
even i found the film a bit slow!!
and the music is awesome!!..and farhan just looovvveee him!!..hehe
pj said…
yea, farhan is supercool!;)
hmmm very nice movie i can watch that movie 100 times

and nice blog too pls visit mine
pj said…
thnks fr stoppin by