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Whacko -Jacko!!!

Read this... "A pair of white briefs once belonging to pop superstar Michael Jackson are to be sold at auction.

The Calvin Klein underpants will be sold on internet site eBay with a reserve price of $1 million (£540,540).

The briefs are reportedly part of the evidence confiscated by police in 2003 as a part of jackson's child molestation trial, in which he was eventually cleared

I mean, what the heck??I still wonder who'd want to buy them?....Buying something like a celebrity's underpants and then showing it off with pride to friends is the last thing a sane human would want to do!!
Seriously, the guy, must have done a hell lot of things with those underpants on and they must be stinking like shit!!

These celebrities would go to any extent to be in the news.First of all you molest a child, then, when you are somehow cleared of those charges for molestation, you go ahead and put those same briefs you used during 'the act' for sale!!???Who does that??

Its strange how , once you become a celebrity, specially in the west, you dont have to worry about your finances for the rest of your life.Just stay in the news, even if its for the wrong reason and your life is set.
Or else just go sell your underpants for a billion dollars....and you'd find some idiot who'd be ready to buy them!

And guess what??...They're being sold for $1million!!!I mean dude, so much for those stinky, yucky underpants???!! Oh i forgot something.....stinky,yucky and DESIGNER, Calvin Klein underpants!!!???
Well, for the one who buys it...'get a life loser!!GET A LIFE!'

Next thing you know, MJ might sell, used condoms(perhaps, priced 2 billion.C'mon they are MJ's after all!) and god knows what else!!

seriously he's one whacky jackass!


Ria said…
Well he's not the only weirdo here!i hav seen many such ridiculous things happening especially when it comes to stars auctioning there stuff. Remember the hair of Britney spears tht was auctioned after she shaved her head. And Whitney Houston auctioning here inner wear coz she was broke!! Seriously weird....and another thing thts strange is stars like Jennifer Lopez auctioning their new born's pics.....why wud someone do earn more money i suppose!!
Sach! said…
Agree to you..whacko jackass...!!.
Chaggoholic.... said…
Hey loved the whacky jackass post. Lol ppl u know r always aupto some odd stupid things....
Anonymous said…
Haha it's very amusing I must say.. But I really like his music.. Judging him is not something I wanna do.. Just admire the music :)

Btw, I wrote somethin on his music like a yr ago.. Check it out if ur bored :P
Trinaa said…
hahahahaha...kasam se! weird toh he is..but he sure dances like a dream :))
peter said…

When you have more than enough money u actually deserve, then you come up with these kinda of ideas of buying celebrity underpants ...!!

I wud buy a newer one even If i had that much money instead of buying a stinky,second hand & not worth a million dollar shit..!
pj said…

thanks for ur comments guys!:D:D
glad u liked the post:)