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Same same but different??!!

They say that there are 7 people around the world who look like you.

Has it ever happened to you that some stranger you saw passing by, resembled your relative or a friend or someone you know?I am sure most of you may have experienced this.But has it happened that this person was a carbon copy of the person you know???I mean exact replica????Or close to that?

Today, as i was on my way to college waiting for a rickshaw, I saw one approaching me and my friend.Inside it was a guy about to get off.At first when I looked at him, i could only see his eyes as he had covered his mouth with a handkerchief.But as the rick came nearer, his face uncovered slowly as he put his handkerchief down to pay the fare.And as i saw his face i was stumped!!!

Me(poking my friend H)--Hey! look at him, quick!
H- what?...who is it?

And by the time she could get a proper glance of him, the guy walked away.He looked exactly like one of my friend A.Now i know, what you are thinking.'Big deal.So he looked like him.Such coincidences happen all the time!'.And i agree with you.But this was different!The same face, the same shirt, the same height,the same eyes!!!Almost everything about that guy resembled my friend!But before i could tell him that, he walked away.I mean, this is not the first time this has happened with me.A few months back i saw someone who looked very much like my friend S.

H-shyaa! i missed it!(she couldn't see him).
H-But c'mon at least something would be different!
Me- ya, he was a bit fairer but otherwise he looked so much like A!!

I can surely say, there was something different about this guy.Can people look so similar?There was a striking resemblance between the two!
I just couldn't keep it to myself and had to rush back home and tell my friend about his 'long lost brother'
Weird coincidences are not a new thing.But there have been so many in the past few months that this one seems too good to be true.And no, it wasn't my friend coz he isn't anywhere in Mumbai.
But the next time i meet this guy i'll ask him if he has a twin long lost brother by any chance!

life's weird! really!


Anonymous said…
Lol..maybe your friend got teleported there for the day xD
peter said…
ahh nice one there i mean i have so many ppl resembling with so many once i saw a gal whu resembled like my frnd other than the hair part (imagine how funny) !!

and yes ppl say that so many guys look like me too many have told me that i saw ur duplicate and i feel like saying that ..ohh i wanna mee t him !!

cool post :P
Anonymous said…
hehe. I'm telling you, it's a sign. Next time if you see him, talk to him! But did he seriously look just like me? Even the same shirt?!
pj said…
@the trooper

hehe...u got a duplicate too? i wish to see my duplicate too!..hehe;)

@the lover
sign?..hmm..i dunno abt that.
yeah, i'll TRY and talk ;)but hundreds and thousands of ppl pass by at the station.Expecting this guy to turn up again there wud be silly! but then who knows!?

And seriously!!! He was aditya part-2!! kidding!

Yep, the same shirt..u remember the dream i told u abt that hunk once??Is that wat this is abt?
Anonymous said…
ho sakta hai! i know u believe in nothing shud b impossible or too hard to believe for u now! n of course u have seen n experienced lots of unique things already!
pj said…
@the lover
yea i do believe in JC!
btw i din see him today, wasnt surprised though!;)
Ria said…
Yeah it has happened to me so many times. I hav had ppl coming up to me and telling me tht they hav seen me b4 even though we r meeting for the 1st time!!
Serendipity said…
I once met a client who for some reason looked like a colleague in my old office and i couldnt shake off the feeling that the two were related.

I randomly bumped into my colleague coupla months after and found out they were SECOND cousins! she was stumped that i could even have made the connection!
'j' said…
he he... the suspense u built.. with the face covered first.. n thn slowly unveiling..
pj said…
@riaya i know yaar, happens:D

hehe!! that was cool!:D

:)ya, that was the way it was!first the suspense...and then surprise!

thnx fr stoppin by:)

Sach! said…
just 7..I feel 7 in each state ;)
pj said…
Abhishek said…
Hehe... Happens with me all the time. But the best I know is was a friend here in the US. She went to my university and she looked exactly like Anusha Dandekar..the MTV VJ... I showed her Anushas pics and she was so surprised that some one actually looked almost like her...Very strong resemblance!!
pj said…
wow!!! anusha dandekar lookalike??!!:D.....

so the '7 ppl wid the same(almost) face' theory is true then!gr8!
Anonymous said…
yeah it happens a lot...
but the one with urs is regretful that u cant even see him properly n never was able to show to ur friend.. :)
pj said…
yea and never got to see him again!

thnks fr stoppin by:)