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Three's company!

We were returning from college today and while climbing the stairs, saw these three school going kids walking with hands on each others shoulders.That was really sweet.They stuck together(quite literally) all the way up the stairs and even while walking on the bridge .
I think they signed some..."we will stick together till the end"

As me and my friend H were walking behind them, we thought this would make for a great picture.She paced up a bit and quickly clicked this snap.We thought they might just put their hands down and walk separate ways but they didn't!They just kept walking that way as long as we could see them.
Now that's friendship!

Life is so much better when you are kid.No breaking of trust in friendship,no backstabbing, no holding grudges....and one thing that they are best at is forgiving and forgetting!I mean, even grown ups find it hard to do that!Its true that they fight over toys, hit each other and break each others teeth.But then they forget it all and move on.
Strange how kids can be more matured than grown ups at times!

Anyway i loved this picture and more so the trio.

"yeh dosti...hum nahi chodenge...."


ANWESA said…
a real lovely pic!!d adults must learn 4m dem.
Anonymous said…
Very nice.. At that age, life's really uncomplicated.. I guess we were all like that at one time.. Though I see no reason why we cant be the same today too..
Prakhar said…
a bit of nostalgia..nd a bit of introspection...luvly post!
peter said…
hmmmmmm ....kool idea for a post !!
pj said…
thanks anwesa!:)

@the trooper

yea,life was so easy as a kid.I guess,as we grow old we lose the child within us and like to call ourselves 'grown ups'.

..glad u liked it!

thanks peter:)

Sach! said…
aww :-) Always glad to have such friends...who'll be there no matter what!
pj said…
hey!...long time sach!
ya...i'd die to have such frnds:)
Chaggoholic.... said…
Truly sweet pic.I hv seen so many of these myself.Love it wenever i get to see it....
Ria said…
Nice pic buddy!! And u r rite those days were wonderful, without any complications.
Abhishek said…
Sweet! Yeah Children sometimes know more than adults. Wish we never grew up!

Nice blog though :)!
pj said…
thank you!..means a lot:)