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And life goes on.....

She sat all alone.Looking at a picture of grief.
There was fire in her eyes and water too.Those tears that welled her eyes, reflected the flames in front of her.

The skies turned gray, as if almost mourning with her.

Then softly the wind blew and it took away the ashes that remained-the only thing that was left.They would be gone too, with the wind, far far away...where they would be so easily forgotten.
How she wished she could rub those ashes in her hand and with a little blow, it would turn into the body they belonged to.But she wasn't living in a fairy tale....she was living reality.Where nightmares cannot be undone.Where every thing doesn't end with a 'happily ever after'.

The fire grew stronger.The pain worsened.As if it was she who was being burned in the pyre.

Hours passed.Night set in.Darkness filled the place.She looked on at the smoke....benumbed.

She wished she never had to leave.For she might not see those ashes ever again.They'll be gone.

She wished,the momen…



Images of terror
flash time and again
They can't be washed off
like a dirty stain.

Warriors have died
People lost their lives.
Yet the war goes on
and terror still survives.

Their hearts are so hard
that cause them to sin
Even hell would be ashamed
to take them in.

Look at the blood, at those innocent faces
Look you fools!
What did they do to you?
To give them these wounds?

Where do I go now,
looking for peace?
Is there any place
free from this 'disease'??

Salute to the martyrs
God bless the ones dead.
For an act of cowardice
whose lives were laid.

I still wonder,
just like a million others
what are they made up of??
These gruesome murderers?


Yet again bullets fired.

Yet again people killed.

Don't they have mercy??

Its sad that such things happen.What pleasure do they derive out of killing innocent people who have done no wrong??

You can pay compensa…

Wish I was a kid again!!

After 1 (long!!!!) hour of studying, I decided to take a break before I continue further with studies.As I went to the balcony, and stood there watching down, I saw the kids of my building play.

Now, there's this thing with these kids.They have their own game season.Well, by that I meant, there's a badminton season, a football season, a dodge ball season, a cricket season etc.They don't plan it but once two kids start dribbling the foot ball, the next day another two join them.And then the others follow suit.So all of them begin to play one particular game for a few months.
Just a few days back I saw, a few guys wearing 'ruud van nistelrooy' and 'ballack' t-shirts.Yes, they were all in the football mood!

So now,apparently, its a bicycle season for them.Most of them have seem to taken out there old rusted cycles and have been riding them all the time.Those who do not have their cycles are happy being pillions.

All of this took me down memory lane when I had a cy…

Blank, simply blank.

Haven't updated my blog since quite some time now.I didn't want to get back to blogging this way but here I am, doing what I am best at-writing a meaningless random post that is, well,....meaningless.

I often experience these moments , when I feel nothing.Yes, simply nothing.And most often than not it happens after a terrible exam.But its not just about studies though.A lot of things that should cause a normal human to react in a drastic way, leave me unfazed.
Now, you may be thinking...'so its good right?'But the truth is it doesn't feel quite alright.That is so not me!

Am I worried?No.Am I scared?No.Am I happy?Nope.Then am I sad?Or perhaps angry?Frustrated?Tired?no no no!
Peaceful??...hell no!
Then what is it that's going through mind?Simply nothing!

I am emotionless,not disturbed,not feeling too great either.....Almost feel like a rock.Yes!You hit it hard, you bang it somewhere, push it off a cliff.Do anything with it.....its least aff…