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And life goes on.....

She sat all alone.Looking at a picture of grief.
There was fire in her eyes and water too.Those tears that welled her eyes, reflected the flames in front of her.

The skies turned gray, as if almost mourning with her.

Then softly the wind blew and it took away the ashes that remained-the only thing that was left.They would be gone too, with the wind, far far away...where they would be so easily forgotten.
How she wished she could rub those ashes in her hand and with a little blow, it would turn into the body they belonged to.But she wasn't living in a fairy tale....she was living reality.Where nightmares cannot be undone.Where every thing doesn't end with a 'happily ever after'.

The fire grew stronger.The pain worsened.As if it was she who was being burned in the pyre.

Hours passed.Night set in.Darkness filled the place.She looked on at the smoke....benumbed.

She wished she never had to leave.For she might not see those ashes ever again.They'll be gone.

She wished,the moment froze in time.

But life goes on.....

She felt a hand on her shoulder.

A voice said.....'Its time to go'...

She stood up .She was shaking.But she pulled herself together.Wiped those tears and started towards home...
She stopped.Turned around.Walking towards the pyre...she gathered some ash and with a last look at those flames....left, carrying the memories with her.