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Blank, simply blank.

Haven't updated my blog since quite some time now.I didn't want to get back to blogging this way but here I am, doing what I am best at-writing a meaningless random post that is, well,....meaningless.

I often experience these moments , when I feel nothing.Yes, simply nothing.And most often than not it happens after a terrible exam.But its not just about studies though.A lot of things that should cause a normal human to react in a drastic way, leave me unfazed.
Now, you may be thinking...'so its good right?'But the truth is it doesn't feel quite alright.That is so not me!

Am I worried?No.Am I scared?No.Am I happy?Nope.Then am I sad?Or perhaps angry?Frustrated?Tired?no no no!
Peaceful??...hell no!
Then what is it that's going through mind?Simply nothing!


I am emotionless,not disturbed,not feeling too great either.....Almost feel like a rock.Yes!You hit it hard, you bang it somewhere, push it off a cliff.Do anything with it.....its least affected.
I feel like that rock, which feels nothing.

Worrying about things isn't a good idea but not worrying at all isn't all that good either!The word 'tension' has left me long time back.It haunted me so much in the past that it got tired of my indifference to it.
May be the fact that I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride all these years has turned me so impassive.

When things seem out of your control, they're better left to God.But then if God does all the working for me....what will I do?Shouldn't I be doing something??
But then , haven't I done everything in my reach to tackle these 'issues' already?

I am being torn apart between two worlds.But I am calm,not in a good way, but calm nevertheless.Not hopeless, not broken, not sad.But its not the other way round too.

Where have all the emotions gone???

I feel nothing right now!

I am blank.simply blank.


peter said…
yeah it happens ..i mean sometimes u run short of ideas and u come up with something which u had never ever had planned !!
Rushabhh Gandhi said…
it is like the calmness you find in the winds before it strikes.....

You will rock back soon..!! =D

pj said…
yeah, i know....
but that's not what this is all about...:)

@rushabh gandhi

Sach! said…
It's all part n parcel...don't feel disheartened,..just wait for time to settle it...n rock on! \m/
pj said…
its already settled in...:):)
i guess some days are just lyk tat, not meant to be its better we let them pass...:D

gunj said…
we seem to b in d same boat!!
pj said…
ya kind of..i read ur post...
but i am sure each of us will sail through:), its just about time
Xorkes said…
heyaaa same pinch.. lol
my exams done too --- basically, thats the reason y i feel so.. ;P
pj said…
hi long time!!

i know, exams can leave you so stressed nd depressed!....but gud that ur exms are over:)