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Images of terror
flash time and again
They can't be washed off
like a dirty stain.

Warriors have died
People lost their lives.
Yet the war goes on
and terror still survives.

Their hearts are so hard
that cause them to sin
Even hell would be ashamed
to take them in.

Look at the blood, at those innocent faces
Look you fools!
What did they do to you?
To give them these wounds?

Where do I go now,
looking for peace?
Is there any place
free from this 'disease'??

Salute to the martyrs
God bless the ones dead.
For an act of cowardice
whose lives were laid.

I still wonder,
just like a million others
what are they made up of??
These gruesome murderers?


Yet again bullets fired.

Yet again people killed.

Don't they have mercy??

Its sad that such things happen.What pleasure do they derive out of killing innocent people who have done no wrong??

You can pay compensation to the families who've suffered.But how do you restore the loss of their dear ones who died in this fight, who were victims of terrorism?

Tomorrow everything might return to normalcy.We might pack our bags and return to school, colleges and work.
But what about those who've seen the face of terrorism in person, who've seen a pool of innocent blood, who've heard those gunshots, who've seen the tragedy.

Can anyone undo those things and help them forget it all??


Salute to those officers and army men who lost their lives fighting.

May those who died rest in peace.

No words can express the grief spread across the city.

What more can one say....we all are helpless.Helpless against terrorism.


The Lover said…
alas! though disgusting to know..that is how it will happen. It is sad how we have become..
pj said…
really sad...really
we r not helpless....infact we will fightback them and counter attack terrorism.....

may be our officers may have lost their lives...but we as people shud never give up yaar...

yes may be ... things will return to normalcy in one or 2 days time.....but we r still bounded by terrorism ....i feel bad that innocent civilians r being killed.....yes compensations can be given to the kins of the killed one....but wht abt their lives......its bad.....

i some where read in ur prof that ur an engineering student i guess ur exams must be starting next week.....wht abt ur preparation.....

check my blog,....i have written in similar lines tho
Arjun said…
Yeah true... I too have the same doubts in me abt those bastards..... What pleasure do they get in killing ppl.. ?? No idea....

We can't predict a terrorist attck but i really do hope we would be ready the next time atleast in terms of medical infrastructure and issues like that... And primarily there shld be more stringent laws against those terrorists.. They shld be treated above our judiciary system which takes a lifetime to decide one's guilt....
But anyway, the damage is already done.. All that we can do is feel for the victims....

U got a nice blog here.. Came across it randomly...

Rakesh said…
you know, now almost 40 hours after the initial attack, it seems to me that even our military, army and commandos are helpless against this situation. This is frustrating, if they can't do much, we really ought to be worried.
pj said…
@the solitary writer

hmm...true...we'll fight back.But just sometimes wonder how? We sit at our homes, watching news and pitying ppl who are being held hostage.and what can we do???
Just pray.That's it.
that's why i said, we're helpless.

yea,that's true.My exams just got canceled thanks to this whole tragedy.

Its hard to even concentrate when such things keep happening all around you.


thanks fr ur comment
pj said…

yea, that's right, the need of the hour is to be vigilant all the time.

And first of all the laws against terrorists must be revised.
Otherwise there's no point even catching them when they'll ultimately be left loose after a trial.

thanks fr stoppin by:)
pj said…

agreed.but they are trying their best.And that's worth admiring.They are doin their job pretty well and i am sure will take care of it all.

But then terror strikes anytime anywhere and mostly when you arent expecting it.That is why i guess we all become so helpless.
hey btw engg exams from next week, isn't it ??? and yeah r the exams getting postponed or somehting like that

any news???
pj said…
ya MU exams next week...mine are on already..:(
pj said…
seems u r an engg student too...good luck buddy
yes me a final yr comp engg student from MU...

u in which sem

our exams from dec 4 yaa
guess too many engg students r bloggers :p
thats a survey me :p
Kartz said…

"what are they made up of??
These gruesome murderers?"
--- Unfortunately, they are made of the same elements that make up you and I. Just that they have an extra dash of sadism and brutality...

Indeed, a life can *never* be compensated. And yes, as future citizens, we can do a lot. (Easier said than done, though)

I fervently hope peace ad sanity prevail amidst all the mindless acts of terror and violence.


Greetings. First time here.

Peace. Have a nice day.

Contorted Reality
Sach! said…
i agree to ur post but we are not helpless..we r becoming blind...keeping an attitude, "how does it affect me"...
but it will affect every one...n smday evry1 shall wake up...
pj said…
@the solitary writer

ohk, i am in sem 5, 3rd yr

yea, so true....i agree.I guess we engineers have nothing better to do.Or should i say, we have a lot to study, but we are better off not studying!!!At least thats the case wid me;)

yea they are made up of the same elements as you and i, but they choose a wrong way.
hopefully peace prevails

neway thnks fr ur comment

all i am saying here is that what can u do right now, besides sitting at home and praying fr others' safety?

we can keep our eyes open and stay vigilant but the worst part is that such tragedies strike when we least expect them.That's why i said we become helpless.