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Wish I was a kid again!!

After 1 (long!!!!) hour of studying, I decided to take a break before I continue further with studies.As I went to the balcony, and stood there watching down, I saw the kids of my building play.

Now, there's this thing with these kids.They have their own game season.Well, by that I meant, there's a badminton season, a football season, a dodge ball season, a cricket season etc.They don't plan it but once two kids start dribbling the foot ball, the next day another two join them.And then the others follow suit.So all of them begin to play one particular game for a few months.
Just a few days back I saw, a few guys wearing 'ruud van nistelrooy' and 'ballack' t-shirts.Yes, they were all in the football mood!

So now,apparently, its a bicycle season for them.Most of them have seem to taken out there old rusted cycles and have been riding them all the time.Those who do not have their cycles are happy being pillions.

All of this took me down memory lane when I had a cycle (which by the way I couldn't even ride properly).My father and brother took pains to teach me to ride but all of it was in vain.'Coz I never learned to balance and kept falling off the bicycle.But it only took one push from a friend to finally help me learn to ride.After that there was no looking back.I am still not good at the balancing though!

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Anyway, the whole point of writing all of this was that, looking at those kids play, I wished I could be a kid again.Man it was fun when we all ganged up and played for hours till it was dinner time!I miss those days a lot.Wish I never grew up.Wish I could just turn back time!

The half hour I spent watching those kids riding their cycles and playing really made me feel good.It's sometimes so much fun to relax doing these little things as just quietly observe the world around you and smile while sweet memories come back to you than to have the mp3 playing loud in your ears all the time or uselessly surf T.V. channels hoping to find something worth watching.

Oh those good old days!!I miss them!

And then it was time to go back to books again...*sobs*


peter said…
yeah it was a nostalgic week for me too :D

btw you sound like Phoebe when you talk of bicycles and the balance it requires :D

nice post :P
pj said…

oh yea! phoebe din know how to ride a bicycle, ross brought her one and taught her to ride!..hehe...
tat episode was cool!
Rakesh said…
seriously pj, wish all of mankind could be kids and remain kids forever. at least then there won't be so much hatred. Have u seen how kids patch up within minutes of having a fight...
pj said…

ya....wish there wasn't so much of hatred...