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December 25th,2008

Today couldn't have been any better.Since the past few days, I had been wondering what to write in my last post for the year.For the year has been so special for me....its so close to my heart that I might even forget my birth year but 2008?....Naaah!:)
But as I looked back at the roller coaster ride that my life's been this year, memories welled up my eyes and instead of biding adieu with a happy face I was sad and sobbing all the while.

But then it wouldn't be fair to bid adieu this way.For this year has given me so much to be happy about.

So getting back to today......I was dying to go to the church since last sunday's prayer meet.I prayed that just somehow I be able to visit the church and attend the morning prayer service.But for some reason I couldn't.It so happened that my friend, let's call her S, called up today and we planned to meet up as we hadnt met in a long time.
And all of a sudden she said, looking at me ( knowing that would light up my face)...…

Leave and forever

I tossed and turned
in my bed.
To close my eyes
I was afraid.

The picture of you
Never left my mind.
I tried running away
but your shadow followed behind.

I threw away the letters
Emptied the bin
But thoughts of you
Yet again crept in.

How hard should i try?
How far should i run?
How do I cut you loose?
How many bridges should I burn?

Underneath these starry skies
I still find you beside me.
As if pieces of dreams
were turned into reality.

Leave me, Oh leave me you thoughts
Now and forever
For sure we had a past.
But we have no future.

Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening

As I was going through my diary and reading the older entries, i came upon this poem by Robert Frost.This poem always touches me deeply whenever i read it.And this is one poem from my English text book that i can never get out of my mind.I love it so much and is my most favorite poem!

It reminds me that we have to keep moving on always.On this journey called life we see beautiful places, meet people- some may be good, some are bad .But all of these things are left behind and each of us have to carry on with our personal voyages.We encounter things that tempt us to stop along our way.We cherish these things, take some rest and then again life is back to business.Nothing stays forever.Everything has to go when its time has come.

Who knows, if these things might come back on our way or not.All we got to do is keep moving on.'Coz we got dreams to fulfill, goals to meet and as the poem says..promises to keep.

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"

Whose woods these are I think I…

Let the power prevail!

On one side is grief, sorrow, the pain of having lost people and then on the other side there's anger against these bloody politician and the system.

Even after the death of over 200 and the lives of more than a billion citizens being in danger, all that these fucking politicians do is play political games.These bloody guys are so hungry for power and money that they fail to see beyond all of that and seem to have forgotten the duty they've been chosen for!

Are these the men we chose as leaders??? These nasty politicians who laugh off a matter as if it meant nothing, who have such big egos that they cant even apologize for a mistake they did, who move about with security guards protecting them while ordinary citizens are constantly at the risk of being victims of terror.....are they the 'representatives ' of our nation????

We the people of this country have the greatest power that citizens of any nation can have.The power to vote.But the question is who do we vote????The…