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December 25th,2008

Today couldn't have been any better.Since the past few days, I had been wondering what to write in my last post for the year.For the year has been so special for me....its so close to my heart that I might even forget my birth year but 2008?....Naaah!:)
But as I looked back at the roller coaster ride that my life's been this year, memories welled up my eyes and instead of biding adieu with a happy face I was sad and sobbing all the while.

But then it wouldn't be fair to bid adieu this way.For this year has given me so much to be happy about.

So getting back to today......I was dying to go to the church since last sunday's prayer meet.I prayed that just somehow I be able to visit the church and attend the morning prayer service.But for some reason I couldn't.It so happened that my friend, let's call her S, called up today and we planned to meet up as we hadnt met in a long time.
And all of a sudden she said, looking at me ( knowing that would light up my face)...'hey! lets go to the church!'

And I looked at another friend of mine waiting for her approval.Surprisingly the otherwise reluctant (lets call her was more than willing to go!

We walked to the church, sat there and prayed.And that moment when I prayed with my two best friends sitting beside me, one on each side, was the best feeling ever!!...
I prayed with all my heart and for the first time in days I felt peaceful again.Trust me I couldnt have wanted more!All the past week's sad memories disappeared in an instant and my heart felt so good!...I thanked Him with all my heart!!

Then we walked all the way back to see my school.I hadnt been there since ages!!...As the school building approached it filled me with nostalgia.Memories came rushing back almost quickly.It looked so beautiful!It was decorated with lights and there in the center stood a crib that shone so brightly!It looked amazing!

Then we parted to return to our homes and on my way back a little innocent sweet smile on someone's face made my day!...That was heaven!

Almost like Jesus himself smiling at me!:D....

It felt as if God himself called me to meet Him.

So you see, God hears us, he knows our hearts wishes and loves us so much!!!
25th december,2008 holds a special place in my heart as does the year 2008 itself.I am almost close to tears.The happy tears ofcourse:)

There's so much i want to write about what this year.....but i guess i'll sign out now.I got some packin to do.

God bless everyone!...Merry Christmas to all!And have a happy new year!...May all your dreams come true as mine did:)

And may there be peace!



Anonymous said…
wow! so cool! Isn't it nice when God does these small things to make us happy? I love Him soooo much and I am soooo happy for you. 2008 was indeed a life-changing year for you. I know why ;)

Happy birthday God!!
pj said…
@the lover
yea he's so cool!!
nd yea u do know y;):D
aditi said…
hey gal
hope the 09 is better 4 u
happy new yr
probably the best post i read all day today... :)
pj said…
thank you so much aditi!
happy new year to u too!:)

@mystique wanderer

thank you:)
Kartz said…
Happy for you... It does feel oh-so-euphoric when such coincidences happen.

Somewhere, someone is watching... He knows our little desires. Heart-warming post.

Season's greetings to you and all your family.

Peace. Be well.
pj said…
yes! someone up there is always watching!

thanks! wish u a happy new year too!!