Friday, December 19, 2008

Leave and forever

I tossed and turned
in my bed.
To close my eyes
I was afraid.

The picture of you

Never left my mind.
I tried running away
but your shadow followed behind.

I threw away the letters
Emptied the bin
But thoughts of you
Yet again crept in.

How hard should i try?
How far should i run?
How do I cut you loose?
How many bridges should I burn?

Underneath these starry skies
I still find you beside me.
As if pieces of dreams
were turned into reality.

Leave me, Oh leave me you thoughts
Now and forever
For sure we had a past.
But we have no future.


The Lover said...

beautiful poem pj.

D.M. said...

it's all about time..

nice poem.. could identify with it.. i have felt this way

pj said...

i guess we've all been through this some time or the other.

thanks fr ur comment and btw....thanks for the vote:D

Rakesh said...

Just in trying to burn the bridges, you've created another one to him by way of this post :)

pj said...

i dont think so:) i dint even intend it that way:)

Rakesh said...

But in the post, the longing is felt more than the pretentious effort of forgetting.

pj said...

hmm..kind of

Rajesh said...

Nice read...loved it... :)

pj said...