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Let the power prevail!

On one side is grief, sorrow, the pain of having lost people and then on the other side there's anger against these bloody politician and the system.

Even after the death of over 200 and the lives of more than a billion citizens being in danger, all that these fucking politicians do is play political games.These bloody guys are so hungry for power and money that they fail to see beyond all of that and seem to have forgotten the duty they've been chosen for!

Are these the men we chose as leaders??? These nasty politicians who laugh off a matter as if it meant nothing, who have such big egos that they cant even apologize for a mistake they did, who move about with security guards protecting them while ordinary citizens are constantly at the risk of being victims of terror.....are they the 'representatives ' of our nation????

We the people of this country have the greatest power that citizens of any nation can have.The power to vote.But the question is who do we vote????The system, from the top to bottom is filled with 'filth'!!Where do we even start cleaning this mess??

Ministers have resigned.As if it makes a difference!Bloody hell!!...Who are they kidding??The damage has already been done.Worse still, what is the guarantee the ministers who replace them will do their duties well????
P.C. Chidambaram has been made the Defense minister....yea right! the same guy who was the Finance minister before!...I mean dude,couldn't you have appointed someone who has a better knowledge about the nation's security- a person from one of the forces- to do this job???? Didnt know that common sense was soooo uncommon!!!:X

Stop playing political games at least at this hour for god's sake!
The same officer who was criticized for his (honest and fair)job and tagged as 'anti-hindu'....was offered 1 crore rupees after his death!Why??Just to gain votes??
I say,Let him rest in peace at least now and keep your filthy self away from his family!

Enough is enough!!

I really feel angry....just as most of the people of mumbai, our country and the countries world over...So so angry. I wish i could do more than just write and blow off steam by blogging.More than just lighting candles and observing two minutes silence.

Its been exactly a week since this tragedy occurred.....and the image of this one man....


Hemant Karkare

..and many such others who lost their lives trying to protect us, just keeps coming in front of my eyes.These are the people who need efficient bullet proof jackets for they fight for us.But instead all of the tax payer's money goes in providing security to people who need it the least and most of all don't even deserve it!

Its so disturbing.For a moment you forget it all and laugh at a joke that some one just cracked and try to move on.And then the next moment, news bulletins flash the images of the terror and the smile fades away.The pain returns.

What's worth admiring amidst all of this and the only positive side of this whole issue is the fact...that it has brought the common man together for one cause.We are all united.But only need to divert this into something constructive.Bring so much pressure on the system that it is forced to bow down and change!!
Perhaps, we the citizens, ourselves have never known our power.And now is the time to discover it and use it for good.Only by keeping this fire within us alive all the time , we can do justice to all those dead.

We need not necessarily be in the system to do this.We need not be least we can do our duties well and not keep on passing the buck all the time.

At least each of us can be good citizens.

Hope that we sustain this power and it prevails this time.



The Lover said…
Easier said than done!!
Sach! said…
Just hoping the best..
peter said…
our gov really needs to show sm balls and kick some real ass :X
pj said…
@the lover
at least we can try!!

same here yaar

Rakesh said…
"Its so disturbing.For a moment you forget it all and laugh at a joke that some one just cracked and try to move on.And then the next moment, news bulletins flash the images of the terror and the smile fades away.The pain returns."

Exactly the way I feel since the last few days. I feel sick watching Moshe's crying video or reading the stories about survivors. The other day, the Taj's pianist played 'An Ode to Joy' on the Piano saying he'll play this when the Taj reopens. I couldn't hold back.

I seriously hope and pray that this time round, something does come about with this public movement. There needs to be someone who can channel this anger into purpose. I hope and pray there is a saviour.
pj said…
really, moshe's crying images are really painful to watch:(....god bless the child.

and yes, a savior is what we need!
neha said…
do u know the concept of 'null vote' or 'no vote'?..i hope u do!
and yes we have to change the system..its high time that we make these politicians realise that we choose them so that they can take care of us (for certain things!..we should get together because now wat matters is 'US'...the togetherness..the majority..the number!we have to stand together and voice out our WANTS..DEMANDS!!..with majority speaking these politicians will be compelled to do their job...they better do coz then they'll realise that now if they dont work ppl will show them the door..!!
so all we need to do is to stand together and not FORGET wat has happened but remember this and take action..because enough is enough and if youth wants youth can do it!!

its sad that it took a grp of terrorists and death of innocent ppl to make us realise wat we want...but we must not forget what has happened and go out and bring in a CHANGE!
its a request please dont sit at home and keep accusing these politicians...take ACTION!!

PS : people who are adults and do not vote have no right to speak anything against the govt or politicians...they are equally useless!
neha said…
@ rakesh and pj

realise that U are the savior!each one of us are the savior...go on join the movement...increase the no...bring in a change!make INDIA a beautiful place to live in!!
our freedom fighters did not fight for the present india..they wanted something else...
The Lover said…
Check out my blog! there's an award waiting for you!
pj said…
Serendipity said…
My thoughts exactly.
btw, Hemant Uncle was a close family friend. Nest to a huge photo in his house is kept his uniform, baton, blt, medals... and the green helmet u can see in this picture.

After I landed on your blog, and this picture, I could say or do nothing for a few mins...
pj said…

:(..i still see the picture and it hurts..feel lyk chnging the layout...but i cant, sumthn holds me back and i still feel like mourning.

i've heard from many ppl that he was a really nice man.I've read about him in a lotta newspapers and on the internet.

salute to him and all the others whose names we might not even know..
hfm said…
Let's hope for justice.

Andd I noticed you listen to Switchfoot-they're amazing!I love them too.
Ria said…
Well said and i hope the politicians are listening.
pj said…
thanks fr stoppin by..
yea i m loving switchfoot these days

i hope so too!