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The world is indeed an awesome place!

I loved this video.Now, you might be thinking what's so great about it?? As a matter of fact, there isn't anything special about the video as such.I just like things they show on discovery, mostly things related to the space and traveling.How i wish i could travel all my life!(and someone paid me for it..hehe)Coz as the video says...The world is just an awesome place!

When i was kid i'd hate going out!When my parents took me out for a vacation i'd be sad all the time waiting to get back to home.Needless to say, i'd ruin their mood too, by forcing them to take me back home soon.But as i grew up i somehow developed this love for travelling.I still love being at home most of the time but i also like going to places i've never been before.

And fortunately, last year i got the chance to visit three different states!So now, i can proudly say i've been to Tamil Nadu,Andhra and Karnataka.And trust me it was great experience.Chennai....not really that great but it was…

Hap-Hap-Happy birthday!

My blog turned 1 today!yay!
Yea 9th january,2008 was when i wrote my first post on my blog 'the seventh world'.Actually I started blogging with rediff but then shifted to blogger and since then there's no looking back!:)
I remember how excited i used to be to blog every single day(even when i didnt have anything to write!!) and then read comments from other bloggers.I'd write any crap back then(not like i write sensible stuff

My blog too has seen drastic changes just as my life over the past one year.From what i'd call a 'sadistic' blog it has now,at least that is what i think, become a little better than what it was before.It was a complete 'emo' blog back then.
Its housed almost all my emotions- frustration,depression,anger,happiness,elation,excitement,fear,joy,love,humor,confusion et al.It was and still remains my punching bag!

The one reason why my blog is so close to my heart is that it knows 'the real me'.I've always have had…