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Hap-Hap-Happy birthday!

My blog turned 1 today!yay!
Yea 9th january,2008 was when i wrote my first post on my blog 'the seventh world'.Actually I started blogging with rediff but then shifted to blogger and since then there's no looking back!:)
I remember how excited i used to be to blog every single day(even when i didnt have anything to write!!) and then read comments from other bloggers.I'd write any crap back then(not like i write sensible stuff

My blog too has seen drastic changes just as my life over the past one year.From what i'd call a 'sadistic' blog it has now,at least that is what i think, become a little better than what it was before.It was a complete 'emo' blog back then.
Its housed almost all my emotions- frustration,depression,anger,happiness,elation,excitement,fear,joy,love,humor,confusion et al.It was and still remains my punching bag!

The one reason why my blog is so close to my heart is that it knows 'the real me'.I've always have had a hard time expressing my true feelings, my true self to people 'coz i was always an introvert who kept hiding from people for the fear of not being understood and at times out of the fear of being laughed at.But my blog is my true reflection.It is what i really am.
Friends who have read my blog((the very few ones) have always told me.'Pooja i didnt know you were so deep'....I often get a 'did you write this???!!' kind of reaction from my friends and i am like...'Ya this is the me you didn't know!!'....

Secondly i didn't in my wildest dreams think that my blog would be the turning point of my life.In a way this blog has been a medium of blessing for me!

And best of all is the fact that i've found so many friends here on blogger.So,now, i have a virtual life and a circle of virtual friends.But to call them virtual wouldn't be fair actually.They are as much a part of my life as my real life friends.I've enjoyed reading there blogs and learned so much from them.So here are a few names i'd like to mention...

Adi-Now, no one , at least as far as i know, can beat this guy at poetry!He's one heck of a poet!
I never thought that i'd find one of my best friends through God and find God through one of my best friends.Now, that's complicated to explain and i bet no one would even believe if i do But seriously, had it not been for your blog, you and God of course, i don't know where I'd be today!I'll never ever forget that fateful day i came upon your blog!And thanks for being there always.

Xorkes-She was the first person ever to comment on my post.And i am never gonna forget that.The day i read her comment i was like...'ok, so someone does read my blog!! yay!'She doesnt write much but whenever she does, it's always something different.

Aditi(aka 'jiggs')-Aditi is someone whose posts i can relate to.Besides her simple yet powerful style of writing amazes me.And yes not to forget the smileys,the tags and the typos!She just loves them!I like her lighthearted posts.

Gunj-Although she's gotten busy with her job, her blog still remains one of those inspiring blogs i've come across.She's always , as her blog rightly says,high on life!!She used to be the first one to comment on so many of my posts.Miss her comments these days but she continues to be one of my favorite bloggers!

Samby-This guy is perhaps the strongest 21 year old enduring spirit i have ever known.I mean so much passion for the nation, such strength to follow his dream and the ability to bounce back from any setback is sooo rare to find.I miss his posts about his mischief in school.I mean he's broken more rules in his life perhaps than he's followed them lol! Also miss his..'cheer up pj'..."be happy pj" kind of comments.But seriously he's got some endurance!

Sach!--If there's any one in bloggerville whose life is similar to mine then its sach!I keep telling her this..'we are sailing in the same boat'.We are so alike in so many aspects!!I like her quotes and short poems, they are so very inspiring.

Neha-Not only does she share her name with one of my best friends but also we have a lot of common interests.Our thoughts,taste for music matches almost all the time.I guess i have some past connection with the name 'neha' coz i've had so many good friends with the same name!:)

Tp-She's one of my few real life friends who know about my blog and understands me so well although we haven't met each other in a long time now.But she remains to be one of my best friends!

and then there's the sweet and simple Trinaa :)and the arachnophobic Peter Parker LOL who i got to know just recently.

(Forgive me if i missed out any one.)

Besides these there are so many other bloggers whose blogs i love reading and who i am still getting to know.

My blog means so much to me!It really does.Its borne the brunt of my mood swings and my desire to make it look perfect by changing templates after every few weeks.Trust me i've changed more templates than i've written posts on my blog!I simply love doing that!
Its stood by me through sunshine and rain...through thick and thin....through sickness and health(ok sorry to much of exaggeration..hehe).

(Firstly let me thank you for reading this post till the very end...if you have!!;))

I simply love my blog!!And hope it lives long!
Love you all guys!




peter said…
yay i am the 1st one to comment now wait i will read the whole post ...din want to loose the opportunity to comment 1st today :D
peter said…
He he read it now ..!
1st of all congrats, happy b'day bloggie :D
and yeah i too belive blog is the true reflection of every single writer..good one :D

and Archanophobiac Peter LOL ..u cud have done better ..but it's okay :P
i am happy wid the tag \:D/
pj said…

that's so sweet of u peter (parker):P!:):)

thanks a ton!
ya i guess that's the case with most bloggers....

and Archanophobiac Peter parker was the best i cud come up with..hehe;)

thanks again fr the 1st comment for the bday post!

aditi said…
hey gal

Wtever u wrote i feel the same
my blog is the one which bears the brunt of my mood swings lolzz
i left the same wn mine turned one.
wishing u many more posts :P

n yes i love ur templates, the current one rocks :)

u made my day
The Lover said…
Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Pj i know i have said this before but this time it's from the bottom of my heart...I love you!!! you r probably the closest frnd I have right now..weird that the people i feel closest to..namely you, Shreya and Dipti...I have never met in real life. of course i will soon!! :)

Happy birthday to ur blog and i hope there will be many more years to come..let's do one thing...we will retire from blogging together..wat say? :D

Thank u sooo much for what you wrote abt me...i cant explain wat i am feeling right now...wanna give u a BIG HUG...yaar senti kar dia tune..:D Yes God has mysterious ways and I am sooooo happy He used me to reach out to fact...y dont u post the whole story...maybe it might change someone's life like my story changed urs?? think abt it. it still feels so amazing hw everything happened...i highly fact i order u to write it in ur next post :P


pj said…

thanks a lot aditi!:D really mean it!

and wen u wrote 'left'...u meant 'felt' right..hehe typos queen!:P

pj said…
@the lover
thank you very much!:):)

and did u say retire??...itni jaldi!? blog just turned one!:P
but after many many many years yea sure...we'll retire together..hehe

and welcome very much..hehe...i just wrote what i felt!:) oye senti :P big hug to u too!

btw i thot of posting the whole story, but i dont know where to start from!...its such a long story and i've forgotten the details about it.
So i first need to write down the whole sequence of events and coincidences.And then pen down the story! And i lack the patience to do it!:P
Nevertheless i'll write it for sure when i get the time to and when i am in a mood to do the same.

The Lover said…
are mujhe sab kuch yaad hai..every single detail..ask me the parts u dont remember... :D

excited to read!! :D
Ria said…
hey happy n'day to ur blog. jope u r here for many more such years. :)
TP said…
wow...1 yr...
do keep blogging like this fr many many years coz ur posts r really nice...
and yeah..
happy b'day to ur blog!!:)
pj said…
@the lover

okay!i'll write it in a few days:)
pj said…

thank you so much ria!:):)
pj said…

yeah 1 whole year!:)
thanks a ton!!:)
Serendipity said…
Happpy first :) keep 'em coming!
pj said…
thank you!!!:)
Ria said…
hey there's something waiting for u on my blog. So do drop by.
Xorkes said…
ah how did i miss this blog.. whooops.. i dint realize i was d first. yip yip yo!!
i m embarrassed 2b commenting so late :( :(
pooja said…
@xorkes did u find this post written so long ago??!!:D:O

anyway..u dont have to be embarrassed AT ALL....i am glad u read it!D
and yes u were the first one to comment..