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The world is indeed an awesome place!

I loved this video.Now, you might be thinking what's so great about it?? As a matter of fact, there isn't anything special about the video as such.I just like things they show on discovery, mostly things related to the space and traveling.How i wish i could travel all my life!(and someone paid me for it..hehe)Coz as the video says...The world is just an awesome place!

When i was kid i'd hate going out!When my parents took me out for a vacation i'd be sad all the time waiting to get back to home.Needless to say, i'd ruin their mood too, by forcing them to take me back home soon.But as i grew up i somehow developed this love for travelling.I still love being at home most of the time but i also like going to places i've never been before.

And fortunately, last year i got the chance to visit three different states!So now, i can proudly say i've been to Tamil Nadu,Andhra and Karnataka.And trust me it was great experience.Chennai....not really that great but it was okay and yes, i cant forget this moving incident.Banglore was superb and Hyderabad was bestest best so far.

I'll always remember banglore for the 'coffee incident' where we(me and four of my friends) were almost about to miss our train twice!And also it's the place where i had my first date with alcohol!;)
The most recent trip to Hyderabad would always bring back memories of snow world!

There's so much more about these places i'd love to write about but right now patience is soemthing i lack.The patience to type all the wonderful experiences i've had on all the three occasions.

The point here is that the world is so beautiful.There's so much to explore and yet so little time in our hands to go visit these places.All we can do is satisfy ourselves with photographs or perhaps just switch on the tv and watch the discovery channel!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -- Mark Twain

I wish I get to travel more often!


peter said…
even i like travelling a lot ..but are u sure hyderabad was the best ..or was it b'lore ???
i am stuck in hyd since 3 years, i can challenge u on this :P but anyways its the personal choice :D
pj said…
i kno wat u as in, this was our last industrial visit and we frnds had a lotta fun.Actually speaking nuthn much to see in hyderabad if u leave a few places.But the places we went-lumibini park,snow world,ramoji,char minar wer cool.

But i agree its not a place wher u can live forever!Not at least fr sum1 lyk me...lyf wud be too boring ther!
And 3 years?...hw do u live the peter?
TP said…
nice video!so many things in this world to be loved...and we've seen only a small tiny winy part of it.
btw..ur first date with alcohol???
pj said…
yea true!.....nd yes ALCOHOL!..hhehe;)
Ria said…
yeah i love travelling too! :) And hey i really liked the video. Oh so u had a drink for the first time. Hw was it!? ;)
pj said…
:)...yeah frst tym! sucked...heheh...felt more like we wer havin some bittr medicine!:P;)
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Abhishek said…
The place I wanna travel to rite HOME....INDIA>....been more than an yr now :(
pj said…
awww:(.....i kno wat it feels like wen u r home sick
Anonymous said…
I love traveling too.. Haven't ever been to Hyderabad but I like Bangalore the best from all the places I've traveled to in India. :)Bangalore to live in and Goa for holidays.. :P
pj said…
yea...banglore is good....and goa is fun!!:D

but mumbai's the best..hehe:)
Anonymous said…
oh yea! nothing to beat Mumbai! Mumbai simply rocks!