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The Ever-helpful Chotu talk!

I have a friend who i've known for like almost 4 yrs now.Both of us believe, no matter what we do...our lives always seem to be moving on the same track.There was this time when I was down and she was one of the friends who was always there for me.She is one person, who understands me and who I can understand equally well.Our thoughts on spirituality always match and perhaps that's one reason why we connect so well.

So, anytime she needs to talk her psych out, she calls me.And whenever I feel like a bit sad, I give her a ring.And we always end up having this philosophical talk about life.

A few days back, when i was down with 'exam fever', well I wouldn't call it that, coz it was not just the exam thing that was bugging me, a lot was going through my mind.I was just dying to talk to someone.I wasn't calling anyone for I knew people were already stressed out 'coz of the exams and dint wanna trouble them with my own problems.Yet I was feeling so heavy, that I k…

At a loss of words!...quite literally

There are these days when thoughts are racing through your mind and you have a hard time figuring out what they actually mean.I mean, by the time you actually understand what the thought was all about, its already gone!....Okay that's a lil' confusing.But seriously, there are so many ideas in my head right now, but just before I can pen them down, they'll just umm.....evaporate!:P
I guess my memory is becoming too volatile!Just like the uhh...RAM.(Please dont mind me using all these computer terms coz I have been studying for a change lately..hehe).

And the worst part is I cant even write poems, or anything for that matter coz i dont find the right words!!Now, I have this weird thing about poems, most of the poems i've written have been during my exams.That is the time I can write well.Strange and senseless....but true:P
And now, when I have so much free time to waste,I am just not able to express myself clearly!Why God why????..huh!

Get a life!(beyond a job)!!!

Yay! I’ve finally updated my blog!:PI’ve been thinking about updating it since quite some time but haven’t been getting time to blog or I simply leave posts incomplete out of boredom!;)
Anyway, my results are out and I flunked two subjects. Yea, a KT in 2nd year and now two Kt’s in the third. That’s like really bad but I know I’ll clear them both this time. To be frank, I just don’t care about it anymore. I mean when my friend msged me sayin, ‘You know what??...we’ll be getting our results today at 11.00!!’.....and I was like...”You know what, I really don’t care!! I ’ll be okay whatever the result would be”.I am happy that I didn’t cry when I came to know my results. Because frankly there’s no point in crying over spilt milk.What’s gone is gone.....i studied as much as i could, wrote my exam,the professor's done his duty n given me marks and I’ll get what I deserve. Why worry unnecessarily!?But the sad part is I have become so very careless towards my studies these…