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At a loss of words!...quite literally

There are these days when thoughts are racing through your mind and you have a hard time figuring out what they actually mean.I mean, by the time you actually understand what the thought was all about, its already gone!....Okay that's a lil' confusing.But seriously, there are so many ideas in my head right now, but just before I can pen them down, they'll just umm.....evaporate!:P
I guess my memory is becoming too volatile!Just like the uhh...RAM.(Please dont mind me using all these computer terms coz I have been studying for a change lately..hehe).

And the worst part is I cant even write poems, or anything for that matter coz i dont find the right words!!Now, I have this weird thing about poems, most of the poems i've written have been during my exams.That is the time I can write well.Strange and senseless....but true:P
And now, when I have so much free time to waste,I am just not able to express myself clearly!Why God why????..huh!


I know that feeling... HA HA HA...

Try something else for a change... something u never done before... :)
Ria said…
Dont worry...mebbe its jus a phase and this shall pass too!!
Anonymous said…
ummm... I used to go through the same thing.. I could write stuff only when I was in a stressful situation like studying for exam or something like that... It never just comes to me when I'm lazing around and have time on my hands..
gunj said…
happs....spcly wen ure free, u just dont get the right thins in ur head!
pj said…

ya i guess just one of those passin phases:)
pj said…
i guess wen u r stressed, u just need to vent ur frustration so u feel lyk writing but when u are free...u r just too busy enjoying ur time to think and write something:)
pj said…
i know!....
btw glad to see ur comment after a long tym!:)
peter said…
happens :D
even i have suffrd from it...but the difrnc is only that i restrict myself from blabbering on my blog ..coz that wud be bad and ambiguous :P
viyoma said…
You dont need a poem, you are already expressing yourself well.
The best part of your expression is Your Honesty in Blogging!
pj said…
hey!...will do the tag later fr sure:)

thank you so much viyoma:):)