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The Ever-helpful Chotu talk!

I have a friend who i've known for like almost 4 yrs now.Both of us believe, no matter what we do...our lives always seem to be moving on the same track.There was this time when I was down and she was one of the friends who was always there for me.She is one person, who understands me and who I can understand equally well.Our thoughts on spirituality always match and perhaps that's one reason why we connect so well.

So, anytime she needs to talk her psych out, she calls me.And whenever I feel like a bit sad, I give her a ring.And we always end up having this philosophical talk about life.

A few days back, when i was down with 'exam fever', well I wouldn't call it that, coz it was not just the exam thing that was bugging me, a lot was going through my mind.I was just dying to talk to someone.I wasn't calling anyone for I knew people were already stressed out 'coz of the exams and dint wanna trouble them with my own problems.Yet I was feeling so heavy, that I kept praying, and asking for help.

"God, what do I do??"....
I kind of, for a while, went back to being my old self who always thought that people wouldn't understand her.I didn't know if anything of what I was feeling at that moment would make sense to anyone else and kept things to myself.

And the very next moment, I get a call from this friend of mine!And the next thing we know, we end up talking on the same topic as always!...'life'.

"You, know everything's just fine and good....until one day when it all comes back to you, and ruins everything!...I mean why?
You are okay with things the way they are but then life just keeps reminding you of that one person you don't want to think about.Why??....The same things happen all over again only to make things worse!"

Her situation kinda struck a chord with me, as I was goin through a similar phase.Off late, I am being haunted by a few things that have happened to me in the past.And knowingly or unknowingly, I end up reacting to these situations in the same way as before.

So while she was saying all this, I remembered this quote by Albert Einstein....

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Me:...."you, know what I feel?....if you keep reacting to things the same way as before, the same things are bound to happen to you.I think by making us go through the same shit again and again,God just wants us to realise that we now need to look at things differently.May be its a mistake that we keep doing time again that He needs us to correct."

(It was more like I was trying to convince myself rather that telling her about it.)

D: yea, you just stop decoding (yea that's the word she used...that just shows we were so much into studies!:P) everything that happens in your life.Just take everything as it is, live your life, and keep moving.The more you try understand things...

Me:...the more complex life becomes!


And that was so true.Its better to accept things the way they are and not try to understand why everything happens.But that's the tough part- acceptance!
God knows the reason for everything and that's more than enough.We need not rack our brains too much over some things:)...Things get sorted in their own time.

And trust me after that talk we had, I felt so much better!And once again, we successfully managed to help each other understand what I'd call, 'the fundas of life'....hehe.

She rightly says....'hum ek doosre ka sahara hai'...hehe..yeah, sisters in misery:P.....and in good times too!:D

Cheers Chotu!...this one's for you,thanks for being there always:)!


devanshi said…
i love u for this....
chottu will alwayzz be der...dun worry...!!!
u remember me sendin u a text after tht conversation..sayin..we will alwayzz have someone wen we need to talk...
....thts so very true....!!!!!
muaaaahhhh...cheeersss....supppaaa blog...!!!!
i rate it as the"BLOG OF OUR LIFE"..!!!
pj said…
yea i remember chotu!
thank you so much...I just wrote what I felt from the bottom of my heart.You know how much it helped that day when we talked:):)
luv ya!

and once u get out if tat convention mess...update ur blog girl!:P

Ria said…
aww tht was such a sweet post and good to c a post from u after a long time. :)
pj said…
thank you ria:)...yea its been a long time!!!
Carmel said…
It's always great to have a friend with whom you have that instant and perfect connection... Those are some of God's amazing blessings in our lives.
pj said…
ya, so true!...friends are a blessing!:):)
Serendipity said…
how cute. and how important it is to have someone like this no? :)
Abhishek said…
Friends can do that to u... I call it telepathy ... It exists between me and a couple of frnds and it feels fantastic!!! :)
pj said…
yes! so very important!:D...someone who u know, u can always bank on:)

i know, friends can easily tell if somethings wrong even if you pretend to be fine.