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Get a life!(beyond a job)!!!

Yay! I’ve finally updated my blog!:P

I’ve been thinking about updating it since quite some time but haven’t been getting time to blog or I simply leave posts incomplete out of boredom!;)

Anyway, my results are out and I flunked two subjects. Yea, a KT in 2nd year and now two Kt’s in the third. That’s like really bad but I know I’ll clear them both this time. To be frank, I just don’t care about it anymore. I mean when my friend msged me sayin, ‘You know what??...we’ll be getting our results today at 11.00!!’.....and I was like...”You know what, I really don’t care!! I ’ll be okay whatever the result would be”.

I am happy that I didn’t cry when I came to know my results. Because frankly there’s no point in crying over spilt milk.What’s gone is gone.....i studied as much as i could, wrote my exam,the professor's done his duty n given me marks and I’ll get what I deserve. Why worry unnecessarily!?

But the sad part is I have become so very careless towards my studies these days...that I don’t realize I have an exam till like three days before my test. Not like I hate doing what I am doing. Its true that I landed up doing engineering because I had no other option but it is now that I am actually liking the course! Its just that I hate mugging up things and then vomiting it out on the paper!

Besides, this being the semester when our placements would start, people all around have been increasingly worried. And to top it all this whole recession thing is making things worse. Almost every day we get to hear comments like,’Hey you know this xyz company kicked out 540 freshers this year!’, ‘why the hell are we even studying so much when we cant even be sure if we’ll get a job’!,'man i really want to get placed!!'...and blah blah blah....I mean getting a job and earning money is the ultimate aim of life! I am not saying its not important! But c’mon, life is more than just a job, more than the much more! And all this worrying and fretting over things is for what?? Just for a job?People seem to have forgotten that these two years are the last two years of college together!Everyone is in a serious mood with very little time to look up from their books and even talk or smile at times!!

To be honest, I really wonder sometimes, if a job is all the I want from my life. Slog 24x7 and lose yourself in your work and forget the rest?? Are we living our lives for these things or are these things meant for us?

Strange how there’s so much in life to live and all we run behind is money.

I want a job too, i'd be lying if i say i dont.All I want is to be happy doing what I am doing even if I am working in a not-so-great a company which pays me a decent salary. All I want is to be able to live the life beyond all this. I want to be able to enjoy my life, be at peace, spend time with my friends and family, eat, sleep, listen to music, go rock climbing,

bungee wait not that!(...hehe...)and above all spend time with God:)

And I need nothing more:)



Watched Luck By Chance a few days back and trust me it was boring!Well again, that’s just a personal opinion.:)

Feelin good about life..yes despite the results...i dunno why!!!..:)Feel like doing this....



Also I am in love this font...'CHILLER'!Its so cool!:D.....okay that was silly:P...

so i'll just stop writing all crap...hehe


Aditi said…
hey gal
hmm i always say, study that much only by which u can avoid a kt,
hmmm now just a bit more effect can get u thr
n as u said i too would like a job i wont mind abt a big or small compnay just that thyr sd pay me a decent salary n i sd be happy doing it.

pj said…
yeaa, next tym i'll try n do that:):)
Anonymous said…
my advice to u is don't study at all!! I worked like a dog in college and now i don't have a job coz of the recession...enjoy life, u only get it once!
Ria said…
try to get rid of the kts as soon as possible. :) and u found Luck By Chance boring. :P
Carmel said…
I know what you mean about feeling good about life despite things that suck happening...
I'm feeling the same way... despite loads of things that suck happen, if you really look, there are loads of good things to feel good about as well.. :)
Serendipity said…
Aww, but u know what, KT's are ok, btu study hard and clear in 1st attempt ok? :)
peter said…
GAWD u study like 3 days before the xam :O :O

lemme tell u this is my final sem and bitech is so heavy as a course in engg ..still i open my book ..3 hrs before the exam :D
and thnk god i dun have any backlogs so far ..but see i am also not proud of's jus that i hate my collge for sucha silly exam pattern .!

and placements right there existed somethng like that till last year ..and even IITs are giving 30 % of it why care about it ..the best time for studying further till the market gets in shape :P

enjoi engg life wont come again ..and yeah studies ..too if u can manage :D
pj said…

yea...i'll do tat soon:)....
and yes i found it boring...despite the story being gud i didnt find it tat gr8.Its a one time watch:P
pj said…
yea there are so many bful things around us..only if we open our eyes n look around for a while:)

:(....but i m sure i'll make it thru this tym. i guess i just need a few setbacks to get myself goin again every time.....neway thanks:)
pj said…
god u study 3 hrs before the exam and manage to pass without backlogs???...dude tell me how u do it...i so need ur advice on this one:P...i mean its really gud tat it wrks fr u tat way!

and yeah i m enjoyin life every step of my way!!:D:D and studies......well i m tryin:)

The whole first part was like a Deja Vu to me... he he... like u actually mugged the entire dialog and told me... he he... :D
Hey Maybe I could teach you music... there's only one industry that would never be hit that bad during this time of recession.. that is he 'Entertainment Industry'... he he

So you could go and form yourself a rock band and start entertaining people.. and make some good quick bucks.. ;)
pj said…
that wud be so cool!!:)...i always wanted to be a part of a band and love music too!So that sounds a good idea!