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Why does it have to be so complicated??

sometimes sun.
sometimes rain...
sometimes fun...
sometimes pain....

sometimes so good
sometimes so bad
sometimes so joyful
sometimes so sad...

sometimes so simple
sometimes so complicated
sometimes so fulfilling
sometimes so vacant.

That's how life is.At times it is this unpredictable nature of life that makes it so exciting.And at times it is this same thing that makes life so messy.Sometimes you just want to believe that everything will be fine but then it isnt always possible to hang to on to that belief.
Life's strange!

Loving the Night Train!!

Since the last few weeks I've been coming home late in the evening.Either there's some test in college, some extra lecture, some seminar or classes.But I am not complaining!In fact,I am loving it!!


I love traveling in the night.It feels so get a seat in the train by the window!!(which is next to impossible during the rush hours!:P) watch the yellow street lights passing see the trains speeding past walk under the starry skies....with lovely music playing in your tread along the quiet and peaceful streets....with a soft zephyr blowing ....aah!! It feels so great!
And then when I return home so tired in the evening I sleep like a baby!....Feels like heaven!

This is beautiful poem I found on the internet ...

The Lovely Night..

Now I leave this little hut,
Where my beloved lives,
Walking now with veiled steps
Through the shadowy leaves.
Luna shines through bush and oak,
Zephyr proclaims her path,
And the…

Let that be enough...

'Let that be enough' is a beautiful song by the band Switchfoot.One of the mannnny cool songs that a friend gave me on a dvd. I loved the lyrics too...

Let the be enough
Wish I had what I needed
To be on my own
'Cause I feel so defeated
And I'm feeling alone
And it all seem so helpless
And I have no plans
I'm a plane in the sunset
With nowhere to land

And I all I see
it could never make me happy
and my sand castles spend their time collapsing

Let me know that You hear me
Let me know your touch
Let me know that You love me
Let that be enough

It's my birthday tomorrow
No one here could know
I was born this Thursday
22 years ago
And I feel stuck watching history repeating
Yeah who am I just a kid who knows he's needy.

Let me know that You hear me
Let me know your touch
Let me know that You love me
Let that be enough.

the 25 questions tag

Serendipity tagged me like ages back!People have already finished the 100 questions tag and I am still stuck on if people can write 100 things about themseleves I can surely write atleast 25!

Now i've just copy pasted the first 15 answers from my fb tag but the rest are all fresh and new:P
I still have one more tag pending...which i'll be doing later.
But for now here it goes...

1.I love watching stars, I can spend hours just looking at them.

2.Wanted to be a space astronaut when I was kid!:P

3.I have varied interests but have a tough time hanging on to them for a long time.

4.Once jumped off a moving bus(what was i thinking!??) and landed on my back!And to make it even worse walked all the way back home with those soiled clothes.That was the most embarrassing day of my life!

5.Like writing,blogging,dreaming,reading and sleepin...zzzz:P

6.I am known for reaching late!except during exams!(not tat I m proud of it) I take an 8 o'clock train for an 8 o'clock lecture!…