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the 25 questions tag

Serendipity tagged me like ages back!People have already finished the 100 questions tag and I am still stuck on if people can write 100 things about themseleves I can surely write atleast 25!

Now i've just copy pasted the first 15 answers from my fb tag but the rest are all fresh and new:P
I still have one more tag pending...which i'll be doing later.
But for now here it goes...

1.I love watching stars, I can spend hours just looking at them.

2.Wanted to be a space astronaut when I was kid!:P

3.I have varied interests but have a tough time hanging on to them for a long time.

4.Once jumped off a moving bus(what was i thinking!??) and landed on my back!And to make it even worse walked all the way back home with those soiled clothes.That was the most embarrassing day of my life!

5.Like writing,blogging,dreaming,reading and sleepin...zzzz:P

6.I am known for reaching late!except during exams!(not tat I m proud of it) I take an 8 o'clock train for an 8 o'clock lecture!:P

7.Don't have too many friends but the ones I have are really close and i love them!

8.I am emotional,impulsive,moody and get angry and bored quickly!

9.In love with viruses...okay I meant computer viruses...they intrigue me!:D

10.I love to travel but stay indoors most of the times just lazying around(sounds contradictory?...yea that's me!)

11.People call me with different names-puju,pj,punju,pooj,pooh,pooji and the recent one poohzaa:P...i mean my name's just a 5 letter still people HAVE to alter it!:P...But anyway I like it:D

12.Love music(want to learn a guitar some day!),love pizzas....actually i am not too fussy about food....can laugh like crazy,good at listening, bad at talking!

13.People often tend to misjudge when they meet me at first.Every one says I am quiet but that is not completely true!!

14.I am a nocturnal creature....most of the times i stay awake for like 2.00 am, just out of habit.

15.Like reading books but i read at snails pace!It took me one whole year to finish off Angels and Demons(its a different thing tat the book sucked)....and two of my most favorite books so far are..the alchemist and the da vinci code.

20.I have this habit of rolling my tshirt sleeves up(no matter how small the sleeves are) Sometimes that irritates my friends a lot and they keep rolling the sleeves down:P

21.I tend to eat a lot when I am depressed and even while studying!

22.I loved those chocolate cigarettes when I was a kid.I'd use the 'stub' as a lipstick..hehe;) I still love them but don't find them anymore!

23.I had my first date on 30th april 2006, which was like the worst nightmare ever!!..LOL....i pity the guy:P

24.When I was small, on my birthday, after distributing chocolates in my school...I ate all the left over chocolates(they were quite a few) on my way home.The next day I had this really serious worm attack in my stomach!

25.Want to go rock climbing some day!