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Loving the Night Train!!

Since the last few weeks I've been coming home late in the evening.Either there's some test in college, some extra lecture, some seminar or classes.But I am not complaining!In fact,I am loving it!!

I love traveling in the night.It feels so get a seat in the train by the window!!(which is next to impossible during the rush hours!:P) watch the yellow street lights passing see the trains speeding past walk under the starry skies....with lovely music playing in your tread along the quiet and peaceful streets....with a soft zephyr blowing ....aah!! It feels so great!
And then when I return home so tired in the evening I sleep like a baby!....Feels like heaven!

This is beautiful poem I found on the internet ...

The Lovely Night..

Now I leave this little hut,
Where my beloved lives,
Walking now with veiled steps
Through the shadowy leaves.
Luna shines through bush and oak,
Zephyr proclaims her path,
And the birch trees bowing low
Shed incense on her track.
How beautiful the coolness
Of this lovely summer night!
How the soul fills with happiness
In this true place of quiet!
I can scarcely grasp the bliss!
Yet, Heaven, I would shun
A thousand nights like this,
If my darling granted one. -Goethe


peter said…
and thank god it is summer so u love it winters it has to be chilly and no one likes to walk around in the nite :D

gud one and is that pic self-clicked ?
PJ said…
no yaar..winter nights are even better!So cold and amazing!

no the picture is taken from
but me and my friend are planning to click a picture like this wen we return home late today:):)
Ria said…
hey nice poem buddy! :) And yep i love traveling alone too!!
Carmel said…
:) I love the whole traveling in the night business too.. But I guess I'm moody... so Sometimes I like traveling alone but sometimes I absolutely want company.
neha said…
ohh yes travelling at night is peaceful.It takes you to a diiferent world altogether...u can think...u can imagine...or u can just forget evrything and just stare out of the window....
when the breeze touches ur skin....ohh tht beautiful cant be explained!! ;)

u kno same is the case early in the morning..but i never het to feel it because as soon as i get in the train..i fall asleep!!hehe :p
pooja said…

yea i know sometimes u just want some quiet time alone and sometimes its the other way round:)

exactly! it cannot be explained!;)