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Go vote!

Today, while most of my friends have cast their votes and some are on their way to do the same, I am sitting here, at home and typing this post.Well, I have no other option,' coz I cannot vote.I don't have my voter's ID card with me!

There are people who, despite having their cards, chose not to vote just because they don't find it necessary to do so.'What's the point in voting?What difference does it make anyway '.I hate such pessimists.These are the same people who blame the government for not doing their duties.But are they doing their duty!??

Its so easy to wont make a difference anyway.Its easy to pass the buck and say someone else will vote.But why do people want others to make a choice for them when they have the right to do the same themselves!
There are countries where people don't have a right to choose their own government and are still fighting for this right.And here we are, a democratic nation where people choose to use this election…


What is it with movies and their original sound tracks? Everytime I watch a new movie, I fall in love with its songs and I end up downloading at least one song of it. I watched the movie ‘The Invisble’ the other day and I really liked this one song..'The perfect memory'from the movie. Also I loved the scene where they show the guy and the little kid standing with him on the cliff. Its really cool! The movie was ok not all that great but I liked the songs in it.

Some of my all time favorite OST’s are..You-A walk to rememberKiss me- She’s all thatSummerlong - ‘Elizabeth town’Chocolate-the last kissBe like that-American pieA walk to remember (from the same movie)A place for us- Bridge to terabithiaI’ve learnt from you- Bridge to terabithiaWaiting for the world to fall- NarniaLife will go on- chasing liberty
And so many more..
Also as I watching ‘The pirates of Caribbean’ the other day it struck me that Keira Knightley looks so much like Annasophia Robb from the movie ‘Bridge to tera…

The 25 random things tag..

Serendipity tagged me like ages back!People have already finished the 100 questions tag and I am still stuck on if people can write 100 things about themselves I can surely write at least 25!

Now I've just copy pasted the first 15 answers from my fb tag but the rest are all fresh and new:P
I still have one more tag pending...which i'll be doing later.
But for now here goes the first one...
1.I love watching stars, I can spend hours just looking at them.

2.Wanted to be a space astronaut when I was kid!:P

3.I have varied interests but have a tough time hanging on to them for a long time.

4.Once jumped off a moving bus(what was i thinking!??) and landed on my back!And to make it even worse walked all the way back home with those soiled clothes.That was the most embarrassing day of my life!

5.Like writing,blogging,dreaming,reading and sleepin...zzzz:P

6.I am known for reaching late!except during exams!(not tat I m proud of it) I take an 8 o'clock train for an 8 o'cl…

Life's good:) God is even better...

In case you thought that this blog was dead, well you are wrong!It is still very much alive and so is the owner of the blog:P
Last few weeks have been crazy.Full of ups and downs.
Firstly i celebrated my birthday last week which was by far the best of all birthdays i've ever had!For a change i wasn't sitting at home dozing off and attending calls.I was out all day having a wonderful time!The network got busy since the 12.00 in the midnight...hehe.But while some bothered to stay awake, some other lazy bums slept without even wishing and even forgetting about my birthday!:P
The best part was the creative and hilarious birthday messages that i was getting that day.My friends are crazy!;)

And after that awesome day i've only been busy with stuff.Since its the end of the semester all of us at college have been running around getting copies of notes, submitting forms,assignments and journals(and barely studying for the exams starting next week!).As soon as you enter the class all y…