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Go vote!

Today, while most of my friends have cast their votes and some are on their way to do the same, I am sitting here, at home and typing this post.Well, I have no other option,' coz I cannot vote.I don't have my voter's ID card with me!

There are people who, despite having their cards, chose not to vote just because they don't find it necessary to do so.'What's the point in voting?What difference does it make anyway '.I hate such pessimists.These are the same people who blame the government for not doing their duties.But are they doing their duty!??

Its so easy to wont make a difference anyway.Its easy to pass the buck and say someone else will vote.But why do people want others to make a choice for them when they have the right to do the same themselves!
There are countries where people don't have a right to choose their own government and are still fighting for this right.And here we are, a democratic nation where people choose to use this election day as another national holiday and rest!

I mean, dude! Don't waste your vote!!!Its sad that these are the first ones to point their fingers at the politicians and curse them.But hey losers you don't have the right to do so coz you had the chance to change the government but you chose not to!

But on the other hand,its also good to see a lot of young people wanting to vote.I know of a friend who has gone ahead and got a voter's card for her parents and has been persuading them to vote!

So, anyway guys, go vote!That's one chance to use your right for the betterment of the nation!If at all you care even a little for your country and its people, go out and cast your vote.It makes a hell of a difference.Have faith, don't just keep saying...'nothing can change the state of this country'..'the government sucks!' would be true one day if you dont wake up and do your duty!

(PS. I know this isn't at all related to the post...but I couldn't help mentioning that on this very day, 3 years back I went on my first date!I can never forget that day! was a nightmare back then..but now when I think of it I just cant stop laughing about it!lol)


peter said…
same problem wid me i dun have my voters i card where i am right now :(

and how old ver u 3 years ago ??
Dates do sound fun to me its ok if u remember it and LOL about it ;)
PJ said…
oh tats bad..:(...

was just a teen!:P...
ya, I do lol about it now but took it quite seriously back then.Its seems so silly now!;)
Sach! said…
I know that! I cannot vote 'coz am stuck in a place which doesn't give me off and I cannot vote from here since I don't have a proof 3 months old. :(
pj said…
but u can vote next time:)