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Life's good:) God is even better...

In case you thought that this blog was dead, well you are wrong!It is still very much alive and so is the owner of the blog:P
Last few weeks have been crazy.Full of ups and downs.
Firstly i celebrated my birthday last week which was by far the best of all birthdays i've ever had!For a change i wasn't sitting at home dozing off and attending calls.I was out all day having a wonderful time!The network got busy since the 12.00 in the midnight...hehe.But while some bothered to stay awake, some other lazy bums slept without even wishing and even forgetting about my birthday!:P
The best part was the creative and hilarious birthday messages that i was getting that day.My friends are crazy!;)

And after that awesome day i've only been busy with stuff.Since its the end of the semester all of us at college have been running around getting copies of notes, submitting forms,assignments and journals(and barely studying for the exams starting next week!).As soon as you enter the class all you can see is heads buried in those (never ending)assignments trying to copy line after line blindly(yes even copying the mistakes!)There's barely time to sleep:(...The strange part is that my friends tell me that i look fresh when i stay up late in the night and not
So i am making an attempt to sleep as late as possible!:P

And guess what, this is going to go on till mid june!
But in a way its good to be busy.At least for me coz i end up being depressed at times with these stray thoughts that haunt my idle mind.
Amidst all this running around, trying to get things done what still keeps me going is laughter.Yes, me and my friends have been laughing like crazy even under the pressure of assignments.And we don't need any particular reason for breaking into a laugh!A silly little blooper or just a sad joke at the right time gets everyone rolling with laughter.And its so contagious sometimes!Everyone starts laughing!

As i was walking back home today in the scorching afternoon sun ,a tiny cute little squirrel ran past me.That little thing made me smile it was so small and cute and yet so fast!Sometimes you don't need reasons to laugh or smile.And today was one of just those times.
Just yesterday i was wondering how I'd make it through this exam pressure and praying to God for strength.And here i was today all happy and ready to take on the challenges saying 'bring it on'!

God is beautiful!He just hears ever single word you say, every single thing that you wish, everything that you desire.

Last year on this very day what did i have?NOthing!..absolutely nothing.
And today,God has given my everything!He changed my life beautifully over the past one year!Wow! how does he do that?!!:D

Life's cool!And God is SUPERcool!Just awesome!


King Bell said…
Truly said smile is the only expression that can be done without any efforts .
Abhishek said…
Hey belated happy bday and good luk for those exams and assignments.

And yea...God sets its right in the end!!!
peter said…
belated happy b'day :D

and good to hear that ur life has changed for better, even that means copying blindly or noticing a cute squirrel...after all life is all about taking happiness out of all those small small things :D
pj said…
@king bell
yea, it comes so easily:)
thnks fr stopping by!

Yup! God's timing is perfect!In fact He himself is perfect!:D

thanks peter...:)
yea, wat wud life be if it were not fr these lil incidents that keep you going!
I have a song...
Life is good... Eternal life is better... ;)
AG said…
life always comes around :)
PJ said…
u just read the title didnt u?:P:P

it surely does!