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What is it with movies and their original sound tracks? Everytime I watch a new movie, I fall in love with its songs and I end up downloading at least one song of it. I watched the movie ‘The Invisble’ the other day and I really liked this one song..'The perfect memory' from the movie. Also I loved the scene where they show the guy and the little kid standing with him on the cliff. Its really cool! The movie was ok not all that great but I liked the songs in it.

Some of my all time favorite OST’s are..

You-A walk to remember

Kiss me- She’s all that

Summerlong - ‘Elizabeth town’

Chocolate-the last kiss

Be like that-American pie

A walk to remember (from the same movie)

A place for us- Bridge to terabithia

I’ve learnt from you- Bridge to terabithia

Waiting for the world to fall- Narnia

Life will go on- chasing liberty

And so many more..

Also as I watching ‘The pirates of Caribbean’ the other day it struck me that Keira Knightley looks so much like Annasophia Robb from the movie ‘Bridge to terabithia’! I don’t know what you guys think and maybe its not so very clear from the pictures here, but if you looked at them closely in their movies you’d agree.

That's Annasophia Robb

and that's Keira Knightley

And there's Annasophia again

They look so alike!


peter said…
Arey these movies i have seen par i did not notice the songs in it :-ss

I love Keira Knightly ...btw :P
pj said…
oh time u see them do listen to the songs:)

and yea keira knightley looks beautiful!