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Lately I've been getting really weird dreams!And these dreams are so mixed up at times!Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzles randomly put together so that they fit in.

Its normal to see people you meet quite often and people you interact with daily but someone appearing in your dream out of the blue, who you haven't met for months and haven't even talked to is kind of strange.

Like yesterday night I had this dream that I was standing on a bridge and as I looked down,I saw a ship(more like a line cruiser!) whose deck was flooded with water and lying there was a friend of mine with her hands tied behind and face flat on the deck.She wasn't moving at all.I tried calling one of our common friend to find out what was wrong.I couldn't go up to her as I had to rush to some place and was too busy!!

I mean this was my junior college friend who I am not so much in touch with these days.And the last we met was in march.And there was nothing related to h…

Just another great day at college

Today was fun! We had this presentation in college and I met my friends after quite some time.We are so used to seeing each other every day- laughing, giggling, poking fun at each other that if I don't see my friends for a few weeks I miss them like crazy and I crave to meet them!So after this long gap when I saw them all together today I felt so freaking good!
I got to see the same smiling faces, to play those silly pranks, to laugh our asses off, and tease each other and try to screw each others lives...hehe.
I mean that really was like a breath of fresh air after such a long time!

The presentation went well(the professor looked like he'd almost fall asleep during the presentation after all those 30+ presentations..hehe....) and then we clicked pictures on my friends new iphone...which is like supercool!But the only problem is that it doesnt have a bluetooth which is a major major turn off!:P

Well one more thing I learnt today(a lil late I must say:P)....that I could surf the in…

Saying good bye...maybe...maybe not

Wish I was here where I was last year this same time....

You wish you could go back in time and relive old memories.You life is beautiful, you are happy, you have everything but there's this one place in your heart which still yearns to be where you were yesterday- where you always loved to be.Some place very close to your heart.
But revisiting that place would bring everything else(that once was your past) back. You try hard to forget this past but still want to remember the good things about it.But with those sweet memories, your pain and wounds come back as well.

Nostalgia grips you so tight, like it'll never leave you.And you can do nothing but go back.Look at those memories, those people, those pictures.
Then a moment comes, when its time to leave again.To come back to the present...
(hehe...that's my cousin Akshay...i am missing him so much today..:(...)

(cute na?....i am missing them so much!!!)

Looking at those pictures you wonder if you'll ever get it back again- on…

The thing to try when all else fails.....

She returned home with heavy footsteps, wondering ‘Why am I doing this time and again to myself??’...Dragging her feet up to her home, all the while she wondered “What's my mistake in this??

And then as she entered into the house all alone and tired, she sat down and looked around her with those empty eyes, seeking an answer that was long overdue. It all boiled down to this one question....”why??”She shut her eyes and a tiny li’l tear trickled down her cheek. Another one followed soon, through the other eye. And in a hushed silence that surrounded her....someone spoke these words softly in her ears....

There are times when quitting looks good, defeat inescapable and retreat the only option. But what can seem impossible is often possible with courage.So whatever difficulties you're facing today, draw on God's grace and keep trying. Mountains only seem so high from the valley. The road to success runs uphill; don't expect to break any speed records.
The thi…