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Lately I've been getting really weird dreams!And these dreams are so mixed up at times!Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzles randomly put together so that they fit in.

Its normal to see people you meet quite often and people you interact with daily but someone appearing in your dream out of the blue, who you haven't met for months and haven't even talked to is kind of strange.

Like yesterday night I had this dream that I was standing on a bridge and as I looked down,I saw a ship(more like a line cruiser!) whose deck was flooded with water and lying there was a friend of mine with her hands tied behind and face flat on the deck.She wasn't moving at all.I tried calling one of our common friend to find out what was wrong.I couldn't go up to her as I had to rush to some place and was too busy!!

I mean this was my junior college friend who I am not so much in touch with these days.And the last we met was in march.And there was nothing related to her that had occurred during the day!It was so weird!

Yesterday, in the evening, I just got up all of a sudden, scared and worried (not even remembering what the dream was about) and ran towards the kitchen to check if my mom was there!!And I didn't even know what that was all about!!I was just relieved to see her.

Deciphering such dreams becomes so difficult at times because you don't know which of these dreams really mean something and which are mere riddles that your subconscious mind has created for you!

I guess I need some serious soul searching business to take care of to decode these nightmares!!


Nidzzi said…
relax PJ it was a dream. Dreams are weird. We all see ppl who we never met and even who are not so linked to our lives. This dreams leaves us thoughtful and worried at times.

it tickles so much whn u se weird dreams and u knw u have to remember them to share it with ur family and frens next day but no matter hw hard u try u forget and then u keep thinking wht was it. ??
awwww.. sweetie... ul be fine... ask Cal bout it... she interprets all of my dreams.. maybe she can help u :)

and u still gotta tell me bout the dream where u saw Cal and me... :)
pj said…
yea, maybe it was just nothing...but it did scare me though!


yea I told her about the dream already!
I totally forgot I didn't tell u about it.
Ramya said…
Sometimes you should just let dreams be dreams and not try to analyze them too much. Let them be.

Nice blog!
peter said…
Arey dreams he toh hai and u are not MAdhuri Dixit of 100 days !

Most of the times I dream that i am in under an attack and I can't escape or i have fallen from my the mountain and before i hit the ground i get up !!
so many weird ...dreams i get ..but i forget all that in the morning !
so chillax :)
pj said…

madhuri dixit kaha se aa gayi beech mein!??:P

i know, i get those kinda dreams too,in fact we all do.
Carmel said…
hey! you told me about the dream with your mum but not about the friend thing... let me know when we can talk ok?
pj said…
yea sure will tell you.
It was weird and I hope it was just nuthin.I msged that friend the very next day and she was just fine:)