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Just another great day at college

Today was fun! We had this presentation in college and I met my friends after quite some time.We are so used to seeing each other every day- laughing, giggling, poking fun at each other that if I don't see my friends for a few weeks I miss them like crazy and I crave to meet them!So after this long gap when I saw them all together today I felt so freaking good!
I got to see the same smiling faces, to play those silly pranks, to laugh our asses off, and tease each other and try to screw each others lives...hehe.
I mean that really was like a breath of fresh air after such a long time!

The presentation went well(the professor looked like he'd almost fall asleep during the presentation after all those 30+ presentations..hehe....) and then we clicked pictures on my friends new iphone...which is like supercool!But the only problem is that it doesnt have a bluetooth which is a major major turn off!:P

Well one more thing I learnt today(a lil late I must say:P)....that I could surf the internet on my cellphone for a charge of 10 paise per 10kb which is pretty cheap!And the speed is good too! (God bless my friend kruti for this piece of useful info...hehe...I am so addicted!! )

bottom line...I had fun and was great to meet my friends after a long time!:D