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Life's like this!

As I was looking out of the window, I saw a cute li'l girl sticking her head out of the car window and enjoying every moment of the ride.
I couldn't help but think how similar it was to our lives in general.

It feels great to experience the wind blowing your hair in your face and the tiny little raindrops touching your skin.
And then there are times when the sun starts to hurts your eyes.

Life's like this-sometimes sun, sometimes rain!

But the ride is great anyway!

Here without you buddy...

After meeting my school buddies after almost three years, I returned home quite late.I had a great time with them! We ended up talking on the most talked about topic these days- relationships.After all, it all boils down to 'love'.

Anyway,I came home, had my dinner and was sitting at my study table...well not to study(of course not!).I had this strong urge to talk to someone.
I picked up my cell phone, stared at it for a while and put it down.I picked it up again, wondered who to call and then put it down again.I must have done that at least 15 times before coming to the conclusion that there was no one who I could actually talk to at that moment!

There are so many people who know you in your life.Some people just 'know' you, some others are close to you yet not so close that you can share your feelings with them, there are some others who are just for namesake and then there are those who were once your best friends(I know this my sound grammatically incorrect) but aren…

She made my day!

Yesterday, this cute li'l kitten followed my mom when she was coming back from work.She was sho sho cuuuuuuuttte!!! She saw a few bags in my mom's hand and she followed her up the stairs quietly, till she reached my house.She even tried to enter inside by trying to push her lil paws under the safety door! Poor little thing wanted to get in but only if I wasn't afraid of pets!(no matter of small they are!)
She was so innocent and tiny, that for once I wished I could keep her as a pet.But then I really cant hold these pets in my hand, they kind of freak me out.She really made my day, I was a bit bored in the evening as I had nothing to do.
Later, a few kids were playing with that cute lil kitten and giving her things to eat.It was so much fun to see her play with the kids!

Here's a picture I managed to take from inside my house(yes, I am too afraid of animals to go too close to them, they just look good from a distance).

*Thinking of a title...*

So far, my vacation has turned out to be better than I thought it would.Firstly, I met all my friends who I hadnt seen in a long time and there are still a quite a lot of others I need to catch up with.Secondly, I went to my school after such a long time!It was nice being with friends from school and reminscing old memories, talking about how we were in school and where everyone is right now and how some even got married!!(that was the most shocking of
But this week is turing out quite the opposite.I am here at home watching movies and staying indoors all the time.Besides I've got a really bad cold ...*sniff sniff* and its raining outside.It just feels like staying at home lazying cuddling up in bed and watching T.V.(That is so me!!)

I am not much of a fan of the rains(I dont like the gloomy skies) but this time, the weather was so unbearably hot that I am actually delighted at the arrival of the monsoon.

What's irritating though, is the fact that my internet connectio…

God is Good! All the time! ;)

Sometimes life feels so beautiful! All I feel like doing is, look up to HIM and say, I love YOU for all that you've given me, for always and always being with me!

God is Good!! so so Good!(

Books,labels, covers, toolbox and a lot more...

It’s that time of the year again when schools reopen after a long vacation.
The other day I was passing by this book shop which was stormed by kids busy buying stationary for school. And soon enough I found myself taking a trip down memory lane.
Back in school, Dad would be busy putting covers on my brother's notebooks and sticking labels on them.I would sit with him while he did this(I was my father's special helper:)) and carefully observed him cut the cover sheets making measurements so that they fit the book perfectly.Then sticking the glue on the edges, he’d properly fold them and when he was done he’d stick the labels on the cover.The labels were those fancy cartoon labels with mickey mouse or Donald duck heads on them or sometimes even the simple plain ones.Dad would fill in the details on the label and stack the books one atop the other.
"This way, the cover gets properly glued to the book because of the pressure of the books above",he'd explain.Yep, there …


I had planned to watch as many movies as possible during the vacation and guess what?Some freakin' virus has corrupted my pen drive and all 7GB worth of data is down the drain!!

Having scanned the pd for viruses (found around 40 of them!) , when I opened it, to my surprise all the folders were gone!!Only the files were visible.Apparently the virus was transferred from one of my friend's laptop into the pen drive.The 'properties' indicate that 7GB of memory is still being used and only 134MB is free meaning the virus has hidden all the folders and the folders are not visible even if I click one the 'show hidden folders' option.

Formatting the pd will mean losing all the data permanently which I don't want!:(
But I guess that's the only option. *sob sob*

I hate viruses!

Vacation time!! :D

Now that all my exams and project submission is over I am finally,officially, on a vacation!!!And this time its for a month, which is quite rare.

This time around, I have decided I am not letting myself get bored by sitting at home and doing nothing at all.There are a lot of things to catch up on and loads of things to be done.So I am going to have to write them all done and finish them off before another hectic semester begins next month.

I used to waste months of vacations lazing at home simply eating and sleeping and staying at home.But after I entered engineering,I've come to know how important vacations are!I sometimes regret that the time I wasted before, could have been put to a better use in learning something or just doing something worthwhile, maybe something I like.

But hopefully this time I'll stick to my plans and make better use of the break that I've got.And the most difficult part of it all is not to put on extra kilos of (holiday) weight!I mean I can be a cou…

Somebody just stop me!


Two of my biggest vices are my moodiness and impulsiveness.And these days these two things have been really starting to get to me.
The worst part is that my friends are at the receiving end of these crazy moods.And more often than not I ruin my own day due to my silly behavior.
One moment I am angry


the next moment I am happy..


the next moment I am sulking...


I am yellin' at someone


shutting myself away from people


The next moment I am dying to pour my heart out to someone


I am all excited for no reason and feelin' good


I lose my temper again!

.....and it continues..

And all this happens so quick that I really cant make sense of anything that happens.I feel guilty about the fact that others around me have to bear my cranky moods.And I cant help it 'coz I cant explain it myself!
I thought that the 'I am an Emo' phase was over long back but I guess its not gone yet.

So many thoughts ju…

E(xam)PL finally gettin' over!


My exam is finally getting over tomorrow!Yay! Well not officially over though, coz we got to start working on our projects after that.There are just 4 days to develop a multiplayer game in java and we haven't even started with the coding! So we (three of us workin on the project) have to rack our brains for 4 days, find some professional help(which seems to be next to impossible...I am not saying impossible,trying to be positive!), spend long hours brainstorming and be up late cramming while we figure out ways to finally finish off this project.
Its interesting but then it'll be a difficult to wrap it up before the deadline.

Anyhow that is not dampening my excitement today!Coz tomorrow, after one and a half months of slogging,my (marathon) exam if finally getting over!That's reason enough for me to be happy!:D

And hey I found this really cute template(the current one) and couldnt help but use it for my blog.Let me know how it looks.

Need some h…