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Books,labels, covers, toolbox and a lot more...

It’s that time of the year again when schools reopen after a long vacation.

The other day I was passing by this book shop which was stormed by kids busy buying stationary for school. And soon enough I found myself taking a trip down memory lane.

Back in school, Dad would be busy putting covers on my brother's notebooks and sticking labels on them.I would sit with him while he did this(I was my father's special helper:)) and carefully observed him cut the cover sheets making measurements so that they fit the book perfectly.Then sticking the glue on the edges, he’d properly fold them and when he was done he’d stick the labels on the cover.The labels were those fancy cartoon labels with mickey mouse or Donald duck heads on them or sometimes even the simple plain ones.Dad would fill in the details on the label and stack the books one atop the other.

"This way, the cover gets properly glued to the book because of the pressure of the books above",he'd explain.Yep, there had to be an explanation for everything!

But this was the case only with my brothers books!He'd always give this work to my father.I covered my books on my own.I always wanted to do it the way my father did it.I would even try to copy his handwriting(which is awesome by the way) while filling in the label but it never came out that well!


Every time my dad was on his 'gadget fixing spree'(yea, he loved those) he knew who to call for help( that's me, in case you couldn't guess :P).While he was busy in his gadget fixing endeavors- which would go on sometimes late into the night-I'd sit right beside him (mom and my brother would be fast asleep by then) with the toolbox in my hand in case daddy dearest needed anyone of those tools. And while he was at it, he’d explain me how that gadget functioned or didn’t function for that matter. And I, like daddy’s li'l girl, would nod along to all that he said.

Dad and me are like peas in a pod, we get along well(except for a few times).In my house, we both are always in one 'team'! :)

I miss those old days sometimes....wish I was a kid again.As we grow old, we seem to go away from our parents.We get busy with our lives and they, with their own.But no matter how old we become and take them for granted sometimes, they never forget us.They remember every little thing about us and try to keep us happy all the time.

I thank God for my beautiful parents!

(This post is for my dad, who celebrated his birthday a few weeks back.)


peter said…
Ohh U made me nostalgic, ditto things used to happen with me :P
I had all those possible labels on my notebooks and books but nothing remained there for the whole year. I used to cover it up at least thrice :)

and I have tried copying my DAD's handwriting too and they way he handles the gadgets.

belated happy b'da to ur DAD :D
pj said…
thanks peter parker:P
heehhe..thrice?...I am sure you studied a lot!...:P
Aniket said…
Interesting post!! that reminds of my dad putting on the book covers! He used to put them like perfectionist and i used to do it all wrong! Good1!
pj said…
thanks Aniket.
I think all fathers are perfectionists!..hehe:D