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I had planned to watch as many movies as possible during the vacation and guess what?Some freakin' virus has corrupted my pen drive and all 7GB worth of data is down the drain!!

Having scanned the pd for viruses (found around 40 of them!) , when I opened it, to my surprise all the folders were gone!!Only the files were visible.Apparently the virus was transferred from one of my friend's laptop into the pen drive.The 'properties' indicate that 7GB of memory is still being used and only 134MB is free meaning the virus has hidden all the folders and the folders are not visible even if I click one the 'show hidden folders' option.

Formatting the pd will mean losing all the data permanently which I don't want!:(
But I guess that's the only option. *sob sob*

I hate viruses!


Awwwwwwww... he he.... :)
try Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. I use it.. and its cool.. it wont delete your files but will try to clean it and if not backups the file and deletes the virus... ;)
Serendipity said…
awww. poo you!

i dont mind losng music and movies cause i can get them back, its losing pictures that really breaks my heart!
Rajesh said…
yup...very true...


Kaspersky and Mcafee are good...
pj said…
I guess I should be switching to a better av..

Yea, I always have a backup of my music, cant risk losing songs!Yea, and pictures too they are too precious:)
peter said…
Damn the technology !
pj said…
yea, technology!First they create these viruses and the same folks create an anti-virus!!
TP said…
ahem ahem...
is this the same person who wrote in 1 of her fb notes tht shez in "love" with the virus????? :P
well its sad when ur vacation plans r spoilt by some stupid virus!!!
and m glad tht finally u said tht u hate viruses!! :D
pj said…
correction correction, when I said I love viruses I meant I love to know about them!And how they are created and spread!:P
neha said…
use kaspersky..its good! :-)
shruti said…
Ah...these damn viruses..i mean dey get in ur pendrive, laptops n whr not?? ..n half of the time one is scanning these things
PJ said…
yea that's what every one seems to be suggesting:)