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E(xam)PL finally gettin' over!

My exam is finally getting over tomorrow!Yay! Well not officially over though, coz we got to start working on our projects after that.There are just 4 days to develop a multiplayer game in java and we haven't even started with the coding! So we (three of us workin on the project) have to rack our brains for 4 days, find some professional help(which seems to be next to impossible...I am not saying impossible,trying to be positive!), spend long hours brainstorming and be up late cramming while we figure out ways to finally finish off this project.
Its interesting but then it'll be a difficult to wrap it up before the deadline.

Anyhow that is not dampening my excitement today!Coz tomorrow, after one and a half months of slogging,my (marathon) exam if finally getting over!That's reason enough for me to be happy!:D

And hey I found this really cute template(the current one) and couldnt help but use it for my blog.Let me know how it looks.

Need some help with java coding, if anyone can help with the programming please do let me know.


Nidzzi said…
nice template .. ekfum fir fr u .
al the best fpr project. i didnt kwn u have to study all tht. baap re..
exams over party!!!!!!!!!
PJ said…
thanks ya....:)
yea and I am gonna party like crazy once its over completely!!
peter said…
i canNOT help u wid Java ..i had studied C in my 1st sem and C++ in my second sem but i can just write the name of the course, i can't even printf it :P
Abhishek said…
The template is indeed cute...And good exams are now done so u can go ahead party hard. And about the java programming stuff, I gave up programming long back ...never went past C++ :)
pj said…

huh no use...:P
I am not any better...I passed c++ at my second attempt!...hehe

thanks ya!
I did go past c++.....but no use:(

Where have all the programmers in the world gone!!???